Motivation: how to motivate yourself?

Motivation - this is an internal, emotional state that encourages people to action!

So, how to motivate yourself for success? What you need to do and what is not necessary?

Methods that help to motivate yourself for success:

1) Always and under all circumstances chase away negative thoughts on my own! Keep in mind - all thoughts are material! And if you time to think about the bad, and to represent it in all colors - it is bad with you and happen!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, the courage to continue - that's what matters." Winston Churchill.

2) Give yourself a promise that you will wake up early - regardless of the weekend! The best motivation - it is motivation, which starts in the morning!

Believe me, if you wake up early - you will have enough time to do everything! Even if you are not in a hurry, and you do not have important and urgent cases, vseravno wake up early - spend this time for themselves, for their own development, read a few pages of useful and developing books, such as Brian Tracy, "The habits of millions of dollars". Not for nothing do they say: "The early bird catches the worm feeds!»

3) Motivation to win!

Always, every day, every minute looking for win! Each person always has a choice: win or lose in one or Ina situation. When only wake up, not getting up, give yourself installation for the day: "Today I will be better than yesterday! Today will be the most wonderful day! Today I was waiting for my little victory! "Believe me, now on throughout the day, you will be full of positive energy and resourceful, strong and self-confident and in their actions. And no one, under any circumstances, you will not be able to prevent this and disrupt your plans :)

"Man, that was lucky - a man who did what others only going to do." Jules Renard

4) Motivation for positive and good mood!

Avoid any situation to see only the good and positive aspects! Remember, people are attracted to positive people, to optimists, not pessimists aching! Many can now throw me pickled tomatoes and say, "Well, if a person really was a serious and unpleasant situation in life, what then? How to look for the positive aspects of this "I will answer calmly:" You see, all the situations that happen to you - this is your experience! Valuable experience! If it were not for these "unpleasant" situations - you have used weak and characterless man had used a loser! All these situations make you stronger, more purposeful! »

5) Motivation to the rescue!

My dear, never deny assistance to people who need it! When you help people, you're not just doing a good deed at the same time you get pleasant emotions and effort for your people you meet appreciated that is important! When you improve the lives of others, you will automatically improve and your life too! Always remember this!

6) Your Motivation to fall on your same question!

Many people, even regardless of their progress toward a better life, can not long maintain motivation because of the lack of confidence! They always repeat themselves and they think that they are doing something wrong, that they are on the wrong path!

Know confidence - this is a very important quality for anyone, and without it - there will be no success in your life! Here's one with a simple tips that raises your self-confidence - always keep your word! It is the ability to keep his word, which you have given, for example a friend, you learn to keep the word that you gave yourself! Later, you will become to trust yourself, when you give yourself installation to "A Bright Future." This will keep your motivation!

7) Remove the alternatives!

I think that for each person to get up at 5.00 in the morning - this is not an easy task, if there is a choice - to soak up even in bed or get up. But if, for example, 5.05 in the morning for you poured a barrel of ice water, then you will wake up as a soldier, easy, fast and clearly :) Also, for example, if you promise to his colleagues on the bald haircut and eat their hair dressed in mayonnaise case does not achieve its goal - a great way and a good way to motivate yourself!

8) Allow yourself to feel the progress to move towards your cherished goal!

"Nothing is impossible for the thirsty heart!" John Heywood.
Understand your body - this is a clever mechanism that saves our energy and strength! If as a result of your activities there is no progress, and you do not even feel that this progress will be in the future - is your motivation to become a very difficult task for you, it weakens, it will go against with your natural principle - the law of conservation of energy, or more simply lead to laziness! You know, you can go against anyone, but with the nature better so do not play, it is necessary to cooperate with Nature!

9) Learn to measure your progress!

We must always demonstrate our motivation, as well as to present evidence that our business is progressing well, that every day is gaining momentum! You have to remember that it is necessary to measure the progress, not process! For example, you read 30 pages of a useful book by George Clason "The Richest Man in Babylon" - it is a process! You answered 30 questions that you were asked with the same 30 pages read - this is progress!

10) Always compete with yourself!

There is a very good quote Mikhail Baryshnikov, "" I'm not trying to dance better than anyone else. I just try to dance better than myself, "You know, when you are constantly comparing yourself with others -. This could soon lead you to demotivation! Even at that moment, when you are with great enthusiasm and the desire to start your full swing hard way to the cherished dream - constant comparison of their success with the success of others - very quickly deprive you of energy, desire to achieve his goal. Cease to do so! Stay! Understand you finally, that each person is individually all life, work, relationships! They can not compare! When you compete with the other person - it looks silly, ridiculous and meaningless, it's the same thing that the player will compete with the cyclist! Know the most important competitors, which you need every day to win little by little, to become better and stronger - is yourself! Strive every day to get around yourself!

Most importantly, my dear readers, do not lose self-control over themselves!
Learn to take all his power in his fist, and each time repeating itself:

"I have all I can, I can do, I'll do this, it is necessary only to me!»

Our life - only in our hands!
But whether it is happy or not - it all depends on us!


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