"FOREVER ailing humanity»
Pharmaceutical mafia creates more and more of all medicines. To buy them, create new diseases, and the media constantly kept a psychosis such as "we will soon die from the flu ..." There is a mass mind manipulation ...

Eternally sick humanity

Do you feel sick. Your actions? Of course, are going to the doctor. The doctor examines you and prescribe a drug with unknown name, from a long list of drugs for this disease. Go you to another doctor, most likely, you will not be discharged this and another drug. You name it, most likely, also have not heard before ...

In the EU, there is a list of 12 thousand different types of pharmaceuticals. While the World Health Organization has just announced that for the treatment of all possible ills would be enough 200 medicines. So why is there such an excessive variety of pharmaceutical drugs? Who benefits? And for whom is dangerous?

The doctor - not a healer, and the dealer

Gone are the days when the doctor could independently make potions and powders. Modern doctors have very limited (depending on the country where they were educated) knowledge in the field of medicinal chemistry. Knowing a lot about the functioning of the human body and its problems, while doctors know little about the mechanism of drug action. At the same time, it is necessary to face the truth: the older doctor, the more serious it is behind the times. Do you seriously believe that a doctor with a diploma from the 70s of the 20th century knows the properties of all these 12 thousand new drugs?

Unfortunately, doctors, in the best case, the victims themselves advertising of medicinal properties of new drugs. And at worst - conscious distributors of products of a company having a share of the sales of medicines. In both cases, the physician's role becomes purely passive, it does not cure, but simply chooses a drug that, as he said in the advertisement works.

"Adverse drug»

All kinds of drugs are based on a jet, "negative" operating principle. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents, drugs to reduce pressure protivoateroskleroticheskim, antidepressants and tranquilizers, antineoplastic agents - all of these drugs treat (with greater or lesser success) has already arisen disease. It turns a strange situation: a monstrous blow to the profits of pharmaceutical companies in the world to the emergence of drugs that would actually prevent disease, rather than after the fact fought with them. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that these drugs does not arise.

But it's weird! Biochemistry, genetics and nanotechnology reached impressive heights: decoded the human genome, in vitro produced wonderful results in the fight against cancer in animals. But in reality, we have to buy ten different brands of cough syrups with the same paracetamol. No impressive breakthroughs in this field is not present. Just like in the joke: if you treat a cold - recover for a week, and if not treated - proboleesh seven days

. It seems that humanity as a whole has become healthier - for the life of the people increased, on average. But seriously, why not look at the quality of this life? Yes, medicine and drugs can now support the existence of a 90-year old. But it is beneficial primarily to manufacturers of drugs - the longer a person lives, the more it brings money for the maintenance of his life. Therefore, they are ideal: eternal patient. Solvency, of course ... The drugs in this situation and should not really heal. It did not become sick, and profits fall pharmacists.

Pharmaceutical octopus

«Sandoz», «Ciba Geidy», «Hoffmann La Roche», «Bayer» - fartsevticheskie these companies come from Switzerland, but they have become multinationals. It is in their hands most of the patents on the use of certain chemical substances for medical purposes. The experts of these companies are the advisors of political forces and authorities of different States in matters of medicine and public health. They advise what medicines can be entered in the register of allowed to be implemented in one country or another, and what - no. At the same time, of course, they do it in their own interests.

There is a new and open to the modern world a bunch of corrupt politicians and pharmacists. On public health, no one thinks that can be successfully manipulated by fear for his own life. Many remember the hysteria from ( "swine flu") influenza H1N1 virus in 2009. Then in Ukraine fell ill only a few people (though not known - "swine" flu there), but that did not stop political lobby certain pharmacists immediately push the purchase of expensive medicines and vaccines for the entire population, which resulted in tens of millions of dollars. However, the vaccine proved ineffective, but at the time of disclosure of this fact hysteria has subsided, and no one really worried.

The medicine can only be sold in pharmacies, where it will be licensed by the state. And the wild figure of 12 000 products (instead of 200) clearly states that someone is very good on this warm hands.


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