Why discipline is much more important motivation

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There are two main ways to make yourself do something:

First, the most popular and devastatingly-error - try to motivate yourself; the second, less popular and completely the right choice - to develop a discipline. is one of those situations where the adoption of a different approach immediately yields the best results. It's not often you hear the correct use of the term "paradigm shift", but this is the case. The moment when the head of the lamp lights.

What is the difference? The motivation, in general terms, is based on the mistaken assumption that the tasks necessary to complete a specific mental or emotional state.

This is a completely wrong perception.

Discipline, on the other hand, separates the activities of moods and feelings and thus circumvents the problem. The consequences are staggering.

The successful implementation of tasks leads to internal states that seem to be a chronic procrastinator needs to start implementing tasks.

Speaking easier to start training, do not wait until you are in Olympic form. You, on the contrary, exercise to achieve this form.

If the action is due to feelings of waiting faithful attitude is particularly insidious form of procrastination. I know this all too well and would like to have someone pointed out to me that for 20, 15 or 10 years before I felt the difference in my own skin.

If you wait until until you feel that he is ready to do something, you're dead. That's terrible there prokrastinatorskie loop.

At its core, the motivation to strive for - is to insist on infantile fantasies about what we need to do just what the mood there. The problem is framed as follows: "How do I set myself to do what I have decided to make your brain?" - Poor.

The real question here is: "How can I recognize my feelings irrelevant and start doing things that I consciously want to do?". The trick is to cut the connection between feelings and actions, and to do what is necessary, in any case. You will feel good and have vigorously afterwards.

Motivation - the wrong way. I'm 100% sure that this is an erroneous limitation - the main reason that many people in the developed countries are just sitting in his underwear, playing Xbox, and masturbating instead of doing something Helpful.

Faith in motivation - a consequence of psychological problem.Poskolku real life in the real world sometimes requires people to do something that no one in their right mind can not perceive with enthusiasm, "motivation" stumbles upon an insurmountable obstacle in trying to bring enthusiasm to the fact that it is not objectively deserves. The only solution, in addition to monkey business, is to forget about the most "common sense." This is a terrible and fortunately mistaken dilemma.

Trying to maintain the enthusiasm to fundamentally dull and murderous actions - is a form of intentional infliction of mental harm to himself, voluntary madness: "I love these signs, like as soon as possible to fill the formula for calculating the annual income, I love my job!ยป

A much better scenario - keep your sanity, which, unfortunately, tends to be misinterpreted as a moral failure: "I still do not like my aimless job of passing the papers", "I still prefer the cake, not the broccoli, and I can not lose weight, maybe I'm just a wimp, "" I need to buy another book on motivation. " Garbage. Fatal error is to treat all such cases in the context of motivation or lack of it. The answer - in the discipline, not motivation.

We motivate a tiny shelf life, and it must be constantly updated.

Motivation - is when you manually push on the handle to increase the pressure. At best, it stores and converts the energy for a particular purpose. There are times when it is the right approach - to mind the Olympic competition and escape from prison. But this is a terrible basis for normal daily activities, and this is unlikely to help achieve long-term results.

Discipline - the motor that once wound up and constantly supplying energy to sistemu.Produktivnost not have the necessary mental conditions. For consistent, superior long-term results of the discipline motivation (cuts circles around her, giving schelbany and eats her dinner). As a result, the motivation - is an attempt to achieve a state of readiness for some kind of action. Discipline - this is when you do something, even without being able to.

After that, you feel good. Discipline, in short, is a system and motivation at the same time, rather similar purpose. This is the symmetry. Discipline - it is something more or less permanent, and motivation - is fleeting.

How to develop discipline?

Buying habits - from small, even microscopic, gaining momentum, using them to further changes in daily life, building a positive return loop.

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