Motivation - the right approach

Thanks to the motivation people make every effort and do everything possible to achieve the desired goals and tasks. It consists of many elements that affect the behavior and manifest themselves in personal life and professional activities. It depends on the emotional, biological and social changes that occur with each of us.

Having sufficient motivation, it is much easier to perform various practices, to learn, to train, to work. The power of motivation is directly related to inner strength, meaning it can lower or increase. Motivation can be internal or external. External, for example, depends on the environment and events happening in the life of the people.

Psychologists Maslow and McClelland sometime introduced their definition of motivation. Maslow believed that to motivate people, when satisfied his needs for self-fulfillment and self-respect, he is comfortable in his social environment, he feels safe and is not experiencing difficulties at the physiological level. McClelland, in turn, believed that any human being there are three main motive. This is the power motive, affiliation motive — the desire to establish or maintain relationships with other people and the motive of self-affirmation.

To date, the development of the motivation constantly in the limelight, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. The motivation of the entrepreneur should be enough for the organization of work of all key areas of its activities, because this will depend on the success of the company. You need to be sometimesoonfan leader while maintaining the level of motivation of all team members. Motivation needs to develop the momentum for action to achieve a goal. When this impulse is, there is a flow of energy that helps to achieve results faster and easier. Undoubtedly, the motivation gives strength to our actions and helps us to feel important.

We must always remember that the source of motivation lies only within ourselves.
  • Believe in yourself.

  • Set a clear goal.
  • Give thanks to yourself.
  • Take care of your health.
  • Dream and invent.
  • Remember your victories.
  • Be grateful for all that you have.
  • And remember that your strength depends on you. published



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