Simple anti-cellulite body wrap slimming

To obtain the ideal toned body is easy! To do this, you need kelp, popularly known as seaweed. Dry seaweed is rich in trace elements and vitamins, making kelp is an indispensable tool in the fight against stretch marks and cellulite.

Cellulite accumulation of fat cells that are poorly functioning. The so-called effect of "orange peel" often appears because of the active work of female sex hormones (estrogens). Therefore, regardless of the Constitution and the age of the cellulite bumps can appear on the body of any girl.

The benefits of wraps

One of the main advantages of marine wraps is its ability to significantly reduce the volume of the body in a short period of time, so the visible result is noticeable after a few treatments: the tone and elasticity of the skin increases, and the contours of the body are adjusted.

Until recently, cellulite was a natural component of the skin texture of the female body. The salon owner Nicole Ronsard was the first to declare war on the "bumps and lumps" in an article published on the pages of Vogue magazine in 1973, urging the girls to follow her example and begin to deal with the defect.

Can not but rejoicelow cost procedures home wraps, because the packaging of "wonder seaweed" will cost you only 1-2$. Compared to expensive salon treatment to spend this budget option wraps can afford each.

Disadvantages of wraps

However, it should be noted that ganapatideva still has obvious flaws. Mask for wraps does not have a uniform consistency, and hence easily crumbles. Therefore, during application of the mixture is recommended to lay a towel on the bathroom floor or put algae on the problem areas, standing over a basin.

Besides, many girls do not have the patience to do a wrap course is10-15 procedures a day within a month, as it takes at least1.5-2 hours a day.

Types of wraps

There are two types of "marine" wraps: hot and cold. The main task of a hot wrap is the temperature effects of drugs that warm up the vessels. This type of procedure copes with a laxity and inelasticity of the skin, and also helps to eliminate cellulite symptoms.

However, due to the presence many contraindications hot packs are not suitable for everyone. For example, people with varicose veins and high blood pressure this procedure is strictly prohibited.

For a hot wrap you will need:

  • 100 g of kelp

  • Cinnamon essential oil

  • Clay

  • Citrus essential oil

  • Food film

  • 500 ml hot water

Gently cover the holes dried seaweed in hot water, the temperature of which should not be too high so as not to destroy the useful properties of the product.
Stir the mixture for 2 minutes. Leave the algae for another 15-20 minutes so that they swell and increased in size. Then add 50 g of dilute clay and a few drops of essential oil. Apply the mixture on the problem areas and wrap food with plastic wrap. Wear cotton pants and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. After 30-40 minutes, wash away the "sea mask" and apply the anti-cellulite cream.

Cold (or cryo-) wrap works by cooling tissue and narrowing of the blood vessels, resulting in the removal of excess amount of water from the body and improve skin tone.

To prepare cryo-wraps you'll need the same ingredients for hot. The only difference will be the choice of essential oils. Replace the oil of cinnamon and lemon to menthol or mint that will help to create the cooling effect.

Preparation method of cold sea wraps are also almost indistinguishable from the hot. Algae should not insist 20 minutes, and 1 hour in water at room temperature.

Before the procedure it is recommended to use withthe olana or coffee scrub, which helps to prepare the skin for further treatment.

Despite the complexity of the home wraps with laminaria, so an effective budget procedure deserves attention, as it will help to bring the body to tone and prepare for beach season. As the saying goes, "prepare sleighs in summer".published


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