Leonardo DiCaprio wants to assert themselves in the field of environmental film

Leonardo DiCaprio in the face-owned production company Appian Way has signed a cooperation agreement with the distribution network Netflix electronics, under which the parties will work on a number of projects in the field of environmental movie. The main reason for the joint activity was the film "Virunga" about the eponymous natural Park in the DR Congo, which this year was nominated for the Academy award "Oscar" and created by joint efforts laboured Appian Way and Netflix. The work was so good that it was decided to extend cooperation on a permanent basis, having declared partnership in sphere of environmental film on paper.

The experts noted that such a reputable partner will allow Leonardo DiCaprio to strengthen its credibility and prestige of a production company in film in the future to have the opportunity to qualify not only on the segmental but also on global projects.

As for the Netflix, and it is from such cooperation in the loser will not. First and foremost, the personality of Leonardo DiCaprio will also partly be the face of the company, thereby increase the level of brand awareness in the market, and secondly, all of the movies about environmental issues, created with the participation of Hollywood stars, Netflix will receive priority entitled to priority demonstrate that in the future will have a positive impact on its financial performance. The last factor should be taken as determinative, for the distribution of telecommunication network Netflix it could be an important argument in the fight for the client in the relevant market.

Having now around 50 million customers for streaming multimedia content, Netflix adds a whist providing customers with a unique environmental project, which is such a famous person like Leonardo Di Caprio. Taking into consideration the fact that in a recent issue of ecology is particularly relevant in the society, the benefit from such cooperation will all parties.published

Source: zeleneet.com


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