Ingenious inventions and mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci

April 15, 1452 g was born a perfect example of a man with multifaceted talent - Leonardo da Vinci. In this collection you will find some of the most famous inventions and mysteries of the great Creator, who is ahead of his time.

The prototype machine gun

Leonardo actively advertised its military-technical ideas. One of them reveals the essence of a machine gun. He could not quickly produce a bullet from one trunk. But it could produce volleys at short intervals, and if built, would effectively mowed advancing infantry.

It is expected that this car was born the idea of ​​creating Leonardo back in 1478. But only in 1752, self-taught Russian mechanic, farmer Leonty Shamshurenkov could collect "samobegluyu stroller", driven by the strength of two people.

The first-ever bicycle
The first technical drawings bicycle owned by Leonardo da Vinci. Mayningenskaya chronicle of 1447 tells the story of a moving device, driven by a driver.

The idea, as many believe, was born back in the time of the Roman Empire, but historians say that it was in da Vinci's notebooks were first sketches of the bearing.

In his writings Leonardo described the exact dimensions of the device for safe descent from a great height. Swiss Olivier Teppo decided to test it in practice and jumped from a height of 650 meters with a parachute. According to the test, the jump was safe, but a parachute almost manageable.

Diving and skiing

Leonardo loved water: He developed the diving instruction, invented and described the breathing apparatus for diving.

Such is the basin on wheels with guns and turrets is the progenitor of modern tanks. He was equipped with a system of gears, which accounted for the sequence. Eight people have been protected from the outer shell of the battle, so they could deliver on foot of the "hedgehog" right in the thick of the battle without being wounded.

Hoist ratchet
Leonardo invented a lot of little things that were very helpful. Then he also applied them in their arrangements. Ratchet - a locking device that prevents the shaft to rotate in the opposite direction.

An apparatus for winding the coil

At the time Leonardo has simplified the lives of many tailors.

Robot Knight
It is estimated that in 1495 Leonardo da Vinci first formulated the idea of ​​"mechanical man", in other words - the robot. As conceived by the master, the device must have be a mannequin dressed in a suit of armor and can play multiple human movements.

Mona Lisa and her author
On solving the mystery of Mona Lisa's smile, researchers struggling for many years. Almost every year there is a scientist, said: "The mystery revealed!" Some believe that the difference in the perception of facial expressions of the Mona Lisa is dependent on personal psychological qualities of each. To some it seems sad, someone thoughtful, someone crafty, someone even angry. And some believe that the Mona Lisa did not even smile!

Leonardo da Vinci could write with both hands, and "mirror" - that is, from right to left, but sometimes, for example, correspondence with officials, he used the usual style of writing. Most interestingly, the inventor of the specially made mistakes in the drawings, in order to prevent, saying today's language, industrial espionage. That's why many of the mysteries of genius to mankind remain unsolved.

Human anatomy

An interesting fact is that Da Vinci is considered the inventor of the cartoon figure - because he often depicted human bodies mutilated. In January 2005, researchers discovered a secret laboratory Leonardo. There were found intact mural masters, as well as a room for the preparation of corpses (Leonardo and his pupils opened hundreds dead, studying the anatomy).

«Last Supper»
Creating the mural "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci for a long time searching for the perfect model. Jesus must embody good, and Judas decided to betray him at this meal - Evil.
Leonardo many times interrupted the work, going in search of sitters. One day, while listening to church choir, he saw in one of the young singers of the perfect image of Christ and invited him to his studio, he made a few sketches. Three years have passed. "Last Supper" was almost complete, but Leonardo did not find a suitable sitter for Judah. The cardinal, who was responsible for the painting of the cathedral, hurried artist. And after a long search, the artist saw wallowing in the gutter man - a young but prematurely senile and drunken. Leonardo told his aides to take him straight to the cathedral. The man did not really understand what was happening and where it's located, and Leonardo is imprinted on the canvas face of a man steeped in sin. When he finished work, poor, who by this time had a little recovered, I went to the web and cried:
- I've seen that picture before!
- When? - Leonardo surprised.
- Three years ago, even before I lost everything. At that time, when I sang in the choir, and my life was full of dreams, some artist wrote to me of Christ.



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