Declassification of "Mona Lisa"

Critics decades struggling with the mysteries of the study, perhaps the mysterious paintings in the history of mankind. Secrets of amazing paintings of Leonardo da Vinci revealed one after the other, but such a large "declassification" as of now, still have not been.

French engineer Pascal Cotte opened, according to him, just 25 mysteries of the Mona Lisa, dedicating them to show their own works. "Da Vinci: the genius idea" - so the exhibition, most of whom are just variations on the theme of the Mona Lisa. Kott used to create exhibits his collection of multispectral camera of his own invention, which he impresses immortal paintings by Leonardo. Resolution of this gadget - 240 megapixels, the camera can capture and ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The world picture that is displayed in the pictures, very different from those that produce conventional camera or the human eye sees.

The same effect is obtained with the works of Da Vinci, which are Cotte looked through the lens of his invention. It turns out a lot of amazing details. The fact that a particular technology has allowed both to clear the canvas by layers of varnish, which he covered many times, and eliminate the consequences of another kind of "age" changes, that is, to see the picture in the same state as it came from the hand of the great master. "Mona Lisa was actually a broad-than now, its notorious smile was emphasized more strongly, and his eyes were different", - says the author of the study.

He also managed to shed light on the long-specialists interested in the puzzle - why the woman in the picture da Vinci no eyebrows. Some even wrote off their absence to the manner of the Renaissance beauties to get rid of facial hair, but in fact it turned out, both found Kott, much easier. At the Mona Lisa originally had eyebrows perfectly normal, but their lines may be abolished over time. "I am - an engineer, a scientist, therefore guided primarily by logic. And she tells me that the Mona Lisa must have eyebrows and eyelashes - says the author of the exhibition their discovery. - And I found them ».

Another mystery to debunk Cotto are strange shape of a hand of the Mona Lisa. Until now it was not clear why the da Vinci arm cocked his model in such a bizarre way, and only now a French inventor explained, it does not bend the forearm, and thrown into the hands of the fabric. Over time, the color of the shawl, which were covered shoulders Artist's Model, changed, merged with women's clothing. As a result, the part of it seemed as if the sleeve intricately curved a completely unnatural angle.

And with the help of infrared radiographic engineer I was able to see the preliminary sketches, which he had made on the canvas of the Renaissance genius. According to cotta, these figures prove: da Vinci was an ordinary man, and it was characterized by difficulties in the creative process, the lack of inspiration. "He doubted, changed the position of the hands of the model," - says the researcher. In addition, he managed to find out that Leonardo painted the landscape first, and then on top of it, wrote the human figure.

Status lacquer coating several layers of canvas, reserves, according to Cotte, is poor. Somewhere formed layers, darkish spots, which critics have found signs of the disease Mona Lisa. In fact, says the inventor, Leonardo's model, apparently, was quite healthy and much more beautiful than she appeared before our contemporaries.

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