7 rock paintings, the mystery of which is still not solved

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Sometimes you can experience strong emotions or feel real fear at the mere sight of the picture. And this is understandable, because the artist puts a certain energy into their work. The more talented the artist, the more force it can transmit to his creation.

The website has collected such "fatal" paintings, which have a strong and inexplicable artistic power.

Italyanskaya Mona Lisa

90% of visitors to the Louvre come back just to take a look at the most mysterious painting in the world — the legendary "Mona Lisa." Still remains many unsolved mysteries of the painting. Furthermore, it is known that it contributes to the Stendhal syndrome. It is a disorder in which a person takes very sharp works of art: disorientates in space, people are literally transferred inside the picture. What you can see on the other side of "Mona Lisa" is unknown, but the facts speak for themselves: it brought visitors both to aggression and suicide.

But few people know that there is another version of "Mona Lisa" — "Italyanskaya Mona Lisa", which probably belonged to the brushes of the same Leonardo da Vinci was written years earlier. Either it is represented the original painting and the well-known version was written by Leonardo after 20 years in his Studio. This painting was found over a century ago in a private collection, but now it is represented in the Prado Museum in Madrid. Maybe someday this picture will help you to decipher all the secrets of the famous "Mona Lisa".

The post stagecoach

This painting was painted by artist Laura P. with the photos. Moreover, the author James Kidd claims that no man standing to the left of the stage, he was not shot. He suddenly appeared during the development process the photos (the original photos you can see here).

Completed work the artist has hung up in the office, but she was asked to immediately pick out the fabric. With the advent of the paintings in the room like you've got a poltergeist, and she always hung crooked, despite the fact that it was corrected every time. Then the story was repeated in other houses that are "sheltered" picture. In the end it had to burn.

The crying boy

There is a whole series of paintings of crying children by the Italian artist Bruno Amadio. Portraits 65 orphans, which the artist sold to tourists after the Second world war.

The most famous painting in this series is "the Crying boy", which is officially recognized as cursed in several regions of England. According to legend, the author of the paintings lit boy posing before the match that he was crying. Since then, reproductions of this painting has participated in 50 fires throughout England.

Venus with a mirror

Picture of Diego Velazquez "Venus at her mirror" is in itself a mystery: art historians speculated on why the reflection face is so beautiful and young goddess drawn pretty old. And why is it a wrong term? That meant the author?

In addition to these mysteries of the painting is also credited with mystical powers. It so happened that all of its owners were chasing misery: the devastation, fires and looting. Wherever she was, she tried immediately to get rid of. In the early twentieth century, the picture came to the National gallery of London, seemingly finding solace. But in 1914, a British activist in the struggle for women's rights struck her five times with a cleaver on me, and rend the beautiful Venus. More with the picture, nothing strange happened.

Woman rain

The picture of the "Female rain", written Vinnytsia artist Svetlana Taurus also produces a very strange impression. The artist admits that he had painted a picture of just 5 hours, and if someone took her hand. All buyers of the paintings brought him back, complaining of sleeplessness, anxiety and the feeling that someone was constantly watching.

Portrait of Spanish General Bernardo de Gálvez

If you are writing a novel about ghosts, you should definitely visit the hotel "Galvez" in Galveston (Texas, USA). Guests often complain about the portrait of Spanish General Bernardo de Gálvez, whose eyes, as they say, closely follows them down the corridor and stairs. While many have the feeling that the General follows them and after so vividly depicted. The amazing thing is that this picture does not get photographed. The camera usually comes out stained, marred or distorted.

All about this hotel there are a lot of mysterious rumors and legends.

The hands resist him

Artist bill Stoneham argues that the picture he wrote with his children's photos. A doll that stands next to it, stands here a guide to the world of dreams, which is located behind the door. But in a world of no dreams...

The unpleasant incident happened at the family for one of its first owners. The family who acquired the painting, hung it in the nursery. In the end, the little daughter was every night crying to resort to his parents ' bedroom, screaming that the children in the picture are fighting. Subsequent owners of the paintings also complained of strange circumstances, poor health and terrible transformation of the picture. It really longer than a minute you can't see.

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