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POWER northern capital allocated almost 1 BILLION. Rubles for the restoration of public toilets TOWN
Public toilets attended the governor of the northern capital Valentina Matvienko. Although she hardly visited them. Unless a student.


Previously, these institutions that are so necessary for the life of the organism (human and cities), was more than enough. From today booths they differed comfort - equipped with a stationary buildings were! And the cost to operate the suffering. Lovely toilet was, I remember, at the metro station "Ploshchad Rebellion" in the basement of a certain institution. Spacious, lined with white tiles, with private cabanas.

He had been converted into a cafe .... Like so many others - in the Staropetergofskom Avenue, on the Petrograd side, Vasilevsky Island. Instead, the historic center and the approaches to the subway "decorate" blue plastic booths with a characteristic odor. Go to scary. Better, think, suffer. And if a holiday, for example, in the Palace Square, these cabins are often very still and out "brought to the final stage».

So it is not surprising that the governor attended public toilets. Under the leadership of its own city government approved a new program of development right up to 2011. At the end of the previous one, to take on the 2004 - 2006 years in St. Petersburg installed 495 new public toilets, including stationary systems, referred to in official documents delicate hygiene. Plus, about 1,500 new outlets in shopping malls, cafes and restaurants. True, some of them without money will not rush, make or pay or buy something.

The new program is planned to reconstruct 56 bathrooms and repaired 41 water closet. Additionally install 202 toilets and modular 20 "litter-bus". These portable water closet exist in Petersburg alternative to conventional shower. Since the latter do not always fit into the aesthetics of cultural capital.

 - A lot of the problems with the installation of toilets in terms of aesthetic, - says Tatiana Zaharovskaya. - Here it is necessary not to spoil the view of the historic town and sustain a certain design.

Incidentally, in this metropolis, as St. Petersburg, based on the international standards must be at least one public toilet for every 5,000 people. In St. Petersburg of nearly half. WC deficit is especially felt in the center, through which all sightseeing routes, which are regularly held mass celebrations, as well as in urban parks and gardens. By 2011, the number of toilets, as promised by the authorities, to reach almost 1055. European norm. In this case promises to spend 935 million rubles.

And they have?

The greatest shortage of public toilets in there -New York. It is easier to use the restroom cafe or restaurant, you find public water closet. Here, even there is an association of activists, calling for an increase in their number.

Slightly better with the water closet in Paris. They are installed throughout the city, including subway stations, especially in tourist areas. A year ago, about 600 booths by order of the municipal city hall became free.

But the best public toilets in Japan. Very clean, spacious and equipped with hi-tech. Use the toilet so you can at every turn, and is also free of charge ...

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