"Masters of photography" Peter Lik.

Peter Lik - one of the most famous of Photo Artists of our time. He is widely known for unconventional approach to the landscape images. In his work, Peter does not use Photoshop. The effect of the presence in his work creates perseverance of the author, the exact sense of the moment when you need to take a picture, and the ability to draw on the capabilities of modern photographic papers and filters. Photographer invented a technology that consists in adding particles of silver in the final stages of processing the picture before her in plastic banding. Silver plays in the light, creating a palette of liveliness.

His first shot of self-taught photographer Peter Lik (Peter Lik) did in 8 years. Since then, his camera has become an indispensable companion. Preferred destination - landscape photography. Working on the series "Spirit of America", the photographer visited all 50 states. Among the variety of landscapes seen Peter was particularly impressed with canyons. Playing with svetorm, Peter captured waveforms as if the space is in motion, and only stopped for a second.

There are few of Photographers who would not know Peter Lik. His work is staggering in its simplicity and independence. The viewer has a choice, but few people turn away. The impression of presence. And the author, no matter how close. This state of the viewer, and is the highest score master of photography Peter Lik.

This leader fotomira got his fame unusual approach to landscape photographs rather say - his paintings, as it does not use the "Photoshop". His technique and image processing - probably lies in the ability to harness the power of advanced filters and photo paper, Plus his perseverance, sometimes for months, passing over the edge of our understanding of the profession itself. We must not simply pull the trigger. It is necessary to know the time, and this is exactly what we often do not. But none of these works the viewer does not regret the time on their intuition ...

A quarter-century Leake examines the nature of reserved places, looking for interesting scenery, where waiting sometimes for months, one single moment, that will not happen again and that you can not just create. Best sozdatel- this nature. The best judge of it - it's you and me. And our eyes - the people who did not die in the bustle of life. Such -like Lika.

As a self-taught photographer Peter Lik began his steps in Australia. And soon expanded his vision of the world. It is not just ridden and pressed the button. He was looking for exactly the shooting technique, which helped him to take the world as it is. Denunciations that we, foolishly, sometimes missing. Do not give your eyes a rest. Huge panoramic images of the landscape painting breathes on which they are made. I immediately see that this is Ireland. Turn your eyes to another job - and I am already in Australia, with its heat and incomprehensibility. Huge panoramic landscape photos show the, little-noticed brilliant color. His, they are a unique approach to somehow touch our childhood. And we always want to go back there, where there is a warm mother, sister and little brother. These images speak for themselves and leave no one indifferent. The attentive observer always appreciate the power of art. While in the gallery Peter Lik, you will feel the naturalness of his lifestyle, accentuated exotic furniture and high-end sculptures. And you already want to have around that some of these works. Gallery has the ability to provide you with the work of the Face of all sizes and send anywhere in the world. Peter Lik is the most deserved photographer in the history of this art. His quest for perfection never ends. He explores the world, driven by the power of the beauty of nature around us. His respect for her and has his strength and inspiration.


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