A few life lessons from Leonardo Da Vinci

Once in Venice we got on the exhibition of models of engineering inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. They could touch, taste, how they work and so on. Since it was early in the morning, besides us there was nobody there and we enjoyed plenty of all these inventions. Surprisingly, people who lived in the 15-16 centuries, invented so much in varying degrees, we now use: from street lamps and ending with a parachute and a bike!

He caused his contemporaries as a surprise, incomprehension and rejection. And now, I think his story is not one mystery. It is called a universal man, because he had allowed himself to be a brilliant painter, sculptor, engineer, architect, inventor, scientist, writer and thinker.

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Of course, to repeat the fate of Leonardo da Vinci impossible, but I think there are several lessons we can learn from him.

1. It is not necessary to be one. You can allow yourself to seek your whole life and try in new roles. After all, if after Leonardo proposed his ideas and refused him, he got depressed, perhaps we would never have learned brilliant artist.

2. Any obstacle is not a dead end, it is the opportunity to try yourself in something else. This Leonardo did, in fact, all my life.

3. It is important to go his own way, not looking at others, and not thinking what they think. Father of Leonardo, as a notary public, tried for a long time to attach it to the family profession, and good that it did not work.

4. If something "goes wrong", and procrastination comes into their possession, it is a good reason to do something else. Over the years, the interests of the da Vinci bowed from art to science. Instead of hard to draw orders and enriched (that he rebuked his contemporaries), he studied and analyzed the corpses of horses and people built aircraft, studied the nutrition of plants and their response to poisons and much more.

5. Slow isn't always bad. Yes, today we live in an era of high intensity life, we want everything at once, for this "all at once" comes the desire of the new "all at once", we do not have time to enjoy the moment made. When we get to something you want to go long, the effect is unexpected and surprising. The famous portrait of Mona Lisa, the author drew for 4 years, he "was not able to finish it for the customer", so the portrait remained in Leonardo, and now we can see at the Louvre. Do it during and in time, we may never know.

6. Curiosity is one of the best motivations. Only the desire to learn something new, insatiable curiosity helped scientists to make a number of discoveries.

7. Don't ask, just do. Being a genius in different fields, Leonardo could extol his genius, and skillfully use it. But he preferred to follow the saying "to each his own, to each according to merit".

8. Not always the result is important now. Many inventions, suggestions structures were created or constructed centuries after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, as for example, in England and Norway have bridges built according to his design.



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Despite the fact that Leonardo da Vinci was a man with a difficult fate: taken away from his mother in early childhood, the illegitimate son raised by her stepmother, scientific discoveries in his lifetime remained unused, lack of privacy (at least there is almost no information about it) — this was an amazing man who among other things played the lyre, was able to write with both hands, enjoyed cooking, first explained why the sky is blue and much more. This is probably a very valuable lesson when you realize that even if things are bad can still be good.

It all depends on us.



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