10 lessons of Leonardo da Vinci

  1. Do not be someone one. You can allow yourself to look for myself all my life and try all the new and emerging roles. After all, if after Leonardo offered his ideas and he refused, he was depressed, perhaps we would never have learned the genius of the artist.
  2. Any obstacle - it's not a dead end, it is an opportunity to try yourself something else. That Leonardo was engaged, in fact, all my life. He argued that any obstacle is overcome by perseverance.
  3. It is important to go its own way, not looking at others, and not thinking that they would think. Father Leonardo, being a notary, a long time trying to attach it to the family profession, and well, he failed. Leonardo said that everything in nature wisely thought out and arranged, is everyone should do their work, and in this wisdom - the ultimate justice of life.
  4. If some thing "does not go", and procrastination comes into its possession then this is a good reason to do something else. Over the years, the interests of the da Vinci bowed from art to science. Instead of hard to draw orders and enriched (he reproached his contemporaries), he studied and analyzed the corpses of horses and people built aircraft, studied nutrition of plants and their response to poisons and more.
  5. Slowly - not always a bad thing. Yes, today we live in an era of high intensity of life, we want everything at once, for this "all at once" comes the desire of a new "all at once", we do not have time to enjoy the moment achieved. When are we to something coveted go long, the effect is sometimes unexpected and surprising. The famous portrait of Mona Lisa painted writer for 4 years, and he "was not able to finish it for the customer," so the portrait remained in Leonardo, and now we can watch it in the Louvre. He made it in time and in time, we are about it, perhaps, never would know.
  6. Curiosity - one of the best motivations. Only the desire to learn something new, insatiable curiosity helped scientists make discoveries that amount.
  7. Do not ask, and do. Being a genius in various fields, Leonardo could extol his genius and skill to use it. But he preferred to follow the adage "to each his own, everyone - on merit».
  8. Do not always result is important right now. Many inventions, suggestions structures were created or built centuries after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, as for example in England and Norway have bridges built according to his design.
  9. Never stop cultivating. After all, even the iron rusts, if he does not find the application, and standing water rots, so the mind of man languishes not find application.
  10. The path to perfection - vegetarianism. Turns da Vinci was a vegetarian. He prophesied that the time would come when people will look at the killer animal just as they look now at the killer man.


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