Leonardo da Vinci taught to write a resume

Before becoming famous and write the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci developed the weapon. In 1482 at the age of 30 years Leonardo wrote letter Ludovico Sforza Maria, Duke of Milan, described in It opportunities. What do we in the XXI century will be able to learn from this summary?

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A little loose translation:

My illustrious lord, is now considering all those who represent themselves experienced creators of instruments of war, and whose invention and application of these tools are no different from those used everywhere: I will try to tell you about myself to your Excellency, to demonstrate my secrets, and then present them to your pleasure and test the effect of a possible moment all the things that I point out below.

1. I have an extremely light and strong bridges that can be moved and used at the right time to move away from the enemy; and other facilities, secure and indestructible by fire and battle, which can be easily removed and place. I also have methods of burning and destruction of bridges opponent.

2. I know how during the siege to remove water from ditches and make endless variety of bridges, approaches and protected stairways and machines needed in such expeditions.

3. In the case where it is impossible to lay siege to the fortress due to its strong protection or your weak position, I have methods bombing of rock or other fortress, even if the fort is located on a cliff.

4. I have a mortar, the most convenient and easy to transport. With the help of these devices can I make a storm of small stones, and the smoke of these stones will induce terror in the enemy to cause damage and confusion in its ranks.

5. hostilities at sea I have a lot of effective machinery for defense and attack, as well as vessels that will resist the attack of the largest guns.

6. I know the secret of creating a silent secret tortuous mines and ways to any desired point, even if it needs to pass under the ditch or river.

7. I will closed chariots, safe and protected from attacks that can pass into the camp of the enemy through his artillery, and there is so big warriors who would be able to stop them. These chariots followed by infantry without any interference and loss.

8. If necessary, I will do the heavy artillery, mortars and light weapons, recasting them in common types of weapons.

9. If it is not during the bombing, I can make a catapult, ballista, trebuchets, and other machines of the highest efficiency, are not used everywhere. For other cases, I was also able to create a diverse and endless means of attack and defense.

10. In peacetime, I think I can deal with architecture, construction of public and private zdaniyay. Can I redirect the water from one place to another.

11. I am able to create sculptures in marble, bronze and clay; I can write anything that can be written.

I can create a bronze horse, which will be erected in honor of the immortal glory of your father, the monument will illustrate the greatness of the illustrious house of Sforza.

If any of the above things anyone seems impossible, I'm ready to show them on your premises or at any other place that will appeal to your Excellency, to whom I am talking about myself with the utmost humility. Blockquote>
 What can be noted in this summary? There is no word on the previous achievements of the master. Everything that is written - it's like Leonardo da Vinci is able to meet the needs of the ruler. What the Duke does not want to get a weapon that can destroy any fortress go any ditch and sink any ship?

Perhaps you should use this method when you write a summary of specific employer. Instead of the standard biography that tells about you, write about what benefits you can bring to the company.

Of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci April 15, 2015 marked 563 years, and it continues to amaze.

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