Painless blood sampling - a new reality, sponsored by DARPA

Blood samples for analysis - quite unpleasant, painful procedure. Some people are indifferent to it, but a lot of blood sampling causes panic. And we are talking about adults. And the children? Young parents added a couple of dozen gray hairs until their offspring were bled medical professional.

Company Tasso , working in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin (USA) proposed a new technique for sampling the blood, which is completely painless. All work is done by a special portable device, inside of which - vacuum pump. Just two minutes the device selects sufficient for the needs of the medical blood volume. The developers call their system "weak vacuum blood sampling).

Developing promising enough that the agency had already recognized DARPA, to finance the project by $ 3 million. The company, working on a project is going to spend most of the grant for cooperation with companies producing reliable and relatively inexpensive preservatives for blood and plasma. The goal - reducing the number of steps in the procedure for blood collection, plus enhanced usability of such a procedure for the patient.

Blood volume, selects the method developed by the company Tasso, is 0, 15 ml. This is enough for a sufficiently large number of common tests: including cancer markers, cholesterol, sugar sample and infectious diseases. Are you afraid of the selection procedure of blood?
Yes, since childhood
Not really worried about it, but it is unpleasant
In general, do not pay attention
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