DARPA allocated money to study interstellar travel in the next 100 years

But for a group of interstellar enthusiasts, headed by a former NASA astronaut, light years between the stars could be quite surmountable. Their motto is: "it - only problem that we need to understand and work expeditiously to resolve it." In addition, they have the support of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), to begin work immediately.

Technology designed to bridge the gap between the stars, it may seem impossible at the moment, but the possibility of its creation, we have to consider how in 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright suggested the concept of space flight - perhaps now, we are in a similar inflection point in the history of mankind. Over the past 60 years, we have made the first tentative steps into interplanetary space; how much time we need before we make such steps interstellar?

DARPA has funded a special project money for the next hundred years to plan and develop a means of moving humanity of interstellar space to a neighboring star. Project DARPA, called the 100 Year Starship (or 100YSS), it has been co-ordinated to provide funds for the formation of the core organization, which later develop technical, cultural, legal and financial framework for the manned mission to another star system.

This month it was confirmed that the Fund Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence, based astronaut Meem Jamieson, multipartnersky lead this project, which will also include Icarus Interstellar Inc. - A non-profit organization founded by Richard Obouzi to develop technologies for interstellar travel. Other partners include the Foundation for Enterprise Developmenti Institute SETI.

Now that you have chosen to DARPA leader 100YSS, the project will arrange a public symposium in Houston, Texas, 13-16 September 2012. "This will be an annual event, open to the scientific papers, technical problems, philosophical and socio-cultural considerations, economic incentives, demonstration of space technologies designed to improve life on Earth, as well as figurative studies stumbling blocks and opportunities for flight to the stars," say members of DARPA's press release .

Although over the years, space has become more accessible to people in many countries, of different genders and ethnicities, Jamison thinks that the people involved in space exploration "still, there is a special feeling that space exploration is a reserved place for a small number of selected of people". Space needs to be more accessible, and although many of the public may not want to directly explore space, they can still choose to be included in the common effort. 100YSS - a project that provides a means for uniting the whole world towards a common goal.


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