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Modern robots are yet very far from the enormous humanoid machines, about whom he wrote the science fiction writers of the mid twentieth century. They are, for the most part, can do only one function.

American Agency defense advanced research projects Agency (DARPA) is already known to our readers through the many initiatives in terms of the development of land, water and air. As an example we can recall the idea to launch satellites from aircraft, developed by the organization.

Of the latest innovations from DARPA, you can highlight a running robot named Cheetah. Moreover, he not only knows how to move on land (and that is to run, not walk), and does it faster than all the other robots on the planet. Despite the name monkey, Cheetah (Chita) is most similar to the Cheetah. It is from this animal the developers of the DARPA took the mechanics of running of the robot, as well as the structure of the movable spine. In the future they promise to create and appropriate appearance.


At the moment, the robot Cheetah can run at speeds of nearly 50 kilometers per hour. In the future it is planned to increase this figure to 110 km/h.

However, the Cheetah runs only on a treadmill, supported by special ropes, in order not to go astray or not to fall. But by the end of this year robotics from DARPA plans to Refine its technology to release the "Cheetah" of the open space, to allow him to run unaided.

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