16 year-old Indian boy decided 350 years unsolvable problem in mathematics

This 16-year-old boy from Dresden, Germany, called "genius" after the decision of the two theories of the dynamics of elementary particles. Physicists have previously solved such problems only with the help of powerful computers.
Shourui solutions can now help scientists calculate the flight path of a thrown ball, and they also help them to predict exactly how it will hit the wall and bounce as later, the newspaper Die Welt.

Ray first heard about these problems in mathematics, where teachers explained that these problems are intractable, during a school trip to Dresden University. But when he saw the problem, I realized that the existing method of making could not get accurate results, and Ray set out to solve these problems.

"I asked myself, why not?" Ray said in an interview with Die Welt. "I firmly believed that there could not be a solution».

According to a newspaper article, Ray, from an early age, was fascinated by mathematics. He was inspired by his father, Ray Sabheshisom, an engineer who is now a researcher at the Technical University of Freiburg. Ray said that his father began teaching him calculus at the age of six years. With seven years, Ray began to solve complex equations.

Most recently, Shouruya Ray participated in the youth scientific competition at the state level in Saxony and took second place in mathematics and IT.

Family Reev originally from Calcutta, they moved to Germany four years ago. When Shouruya came to Germany, he could not speak German, but now he is fluent in that language.

His mathematical achievements were quickly marked his school teachers, who promoted him to two years in school, and he is currently exams Abitur, two years earlier than other children.

As for his future career, Ray is now hesitant to study mathematics or physics, when he goes on to college.


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