Valid excuses for your favorite (5 pictures + Photo)

Useful tips on how to avoid a scandal and to make a woman smile and
love you even more.

1. Return of the Prodigal

Back at home, three in the morning, you tried to quietly settle down into her bed,
forgetting to take off our shoes and put out his cigarette.
Behind the scenes - failed. After hearing the heartbreaking story of how it experienced
and I was ready to have to start calling all the hospitals and morgues (probably your most favorite hot spots),
you will not find anything better than the lie that had stayed on the job.

What to say next time?
A. What we now have a curfew?
B. Thank you trust me, when I meet with friends.
Q. Since you're still awake, perhaps, is quickly realized that something on the table?

Correct answer: B
The most important word in this phrase are in the beginning. If you just said to the girl,
I was with friends, only added to this oil to the fire.
While she waited, she had to worry not only for you but also for himself
(after all, you could spend that time and his ex).
Fortunately, you saved yourself from having to make excuses and confused in the testimony,
when I started talking about your relationship.
And they gave them in favorable light, calling trust.
This approach will be evaluated (women love to talk on the topic
mutual trust), and you will be able to put down the girl and her vigilance.

2. Mamat crime
In the midst of a family celebration you make a mockery of her mother.
For example, I could not resist and gave an impromptu toast born:
"I want to drink to Tamara, because this fan it
It reminds me Kalyagin in "Hello, I your aunt!».
And then the evening returned to this subject, vysprashivaya her mother,
is it true in Brazil, a lot of wild monkeys.
And in response to accusations the girl replied: "Come on, Donna Rosa, I'm joking».

What to say next time?
A. Now I understood, in whom you are such a bitch!
B. What I had to shave her mustache?
B. If you think mom really offended, I'll call her in the morning and apologized.

Correct answer: The
So you give to understand that feelings of her family (this strange freak show,
all members of which are endowed with fine mental organization)
do not you care about. Prior to the call the same thing, is not likely to come.
But if you respond differently, it is sure to call your mother and tell about
your callousness. Never openly demonstrate its dismissive
attitude toward her mother, even if she sometimes allows itself this.
It was her mother - she was with her that he wants something and does.

You forgot to congratulate her on the anniversary of your acquaintance.
Yes, I had the imprudence to say that she had
she remind you of this date, if you expected to receive a gift.
From her point of view, you can not be forgiven.
With some of our, say, there is, but there is no way you can help.

What to say next time?
A. Why? That day I remember: I was not lucky in the morning.
B. Get dressed! We go to the jewelry store, where you yourself will choose yourself a gift.
Q. I wonder how you were able to remember the date? You've been a drunk.

Correct answer: B
Now, when you pulled the rug from under the feet of a girl harvested to your
it coming you will not hear. Yet still apologize,
that made her jittery. And then honestly try to atone
a trip to the jeweler. And if you will call on the road somewhere,
where you can buy new shoes ...
Well, perhaps you're forgiven. Oh yes! And would a handbag to match your shoes!

7. Break the vow
On Wednesday evening (for the third time this week)
She caught you for ... (fill in the required).
And all would do, but you are literally on Sunday for some reason
............ I promised her to give up, never ...
and break off relations with ...
You're guilty smile and says: "Sorry, I instinctively ...»
That is acting like a spineless rag and a chatterbox,
What are you now, with her point of view, and it is.
Because a real man, like Dima Bilan, is able to keep his word.

What to say next time?
A. You know, to tie all of this turned out to be much more difficult,
than I thought. Thank God, I have your support!
B. You specifically was assigned to me to always follow me?
B. Say thank you that I am not able to keep his word.
I promised a friend to throw you in the last year.

Correct answer: B
For girls it is important that you really want to match her expectations.
She wants to make you better, so do not resist: it is not painful.
Believe assistance, she will be ready to assist you in dealing with
bad habits, will brighten up your life in brief intervals between abstinence from them.

* Note Phacochoerus'a Funtik:
"If you, for no reason at all swore by Allah and violated the oath,
to atone, you enough to feed ten poor (see. Surah Al-Maida, verse 89).
In fact, the Muslims I have an ambivalent attitude: Although pigs are not in vain and ruin,
but they consider us unclean animals. Maybe, just do not know how to cook? ".

8. Grace to fallen
In bed, you got a misfire, and now you swear,
that nothing like this ever happened to you before. This is enough.
Even more difficult situation you can only if the evidence for
exceptional case kineshsya seek out witnesses
your past victories.

What to say next time?
A. Well, that's an eloquent answer to the question, Do you stouter ...
B. I am very tired today. Believe me, you have nothing to do with:
you are more beautiful than it ever was.
Q. You know, maybe I just do it so boring.
Maybe try to make it three?

Correct answer: B
Try to say otherwise, and she certainly solve the problem there.
She's terrorized advertising "coding of cellulite" and
"Lose per kilogram for three years" - and suddenly it now turns,
These ads are designed specifically for it?
Calm it down until it is too late. Just you have technical difficulties,
It is in this spirit and should discuss the problem.
Otherwise, it will go mad, thinking that it is not so. Yes, and it will be easier.
You do not fall asleep, his soul rastraviv thoughts about this fiasco.

9. PRO listen
It would seem that you are distracted just for a second.
And it was necessary to you to nod out of place at the very moment when she asked meanly:
"Are you just pretending as if listening to me?»
Do not even try to get out: you're still not able to repeat a word of,
what she said earlier.
And she would say later, and so clearly: "You do not care about my problems.
You lost all interest in me again ... You're not listening to me! »

What to say next time?
A. Did you ever? Well, at least once ?? Said anything worthwhile ???
B. It seems that today I was drinking tea in my ear is exposed to water. What's that you say? I can not hear!
Q. I digress ... really I think about where we spend the holidays with you.

Correct answer: The
She did not find what to say. Yes, you did not listen to it, and deserve the worst punishment.
But you thought about it, and it is worthy of praise.
And if your thoughts were devoted to your joint plans,
on top of that she is also intrigued.
Plans do not reveal themselves, remain mysterious.
And stop yawning as she says - it somehow does not go to your mystery.

10. Jealousy is not a vice

In fact, you're not jealous. However, at a recent party you do not let her dance
even with her brother, explaining that, in these troubled times
Additional security measures will not prevent.

What to say next time?
A. You know, I love you so much that sometimes really look stupid.
B. I must confess, did not know that you could be someone interesting.
B. Get your things and Wali this to the waiter, who are you staring all evening.

Correct answer: A
Well, as it then you accuse?
Women like to feel under your protection, and not under close supervision.
Jealousy is for women only one thing: you're in it uncertain.
She is sure to come to mind an example of Othello.
The guy also differed too much vehemence - and remember what it was over?


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