The New Steve Jobs. The rules of life Elon musk

Five million nine hundred seventy seven thousand six hundred fifty eight

According to Jon Favreau, the Director of the movie Iron man, Elon Musk was the inspiration for the main character (Tony stark, played by Robert Downey Jr.). The Musk appeared in the film "Iron man 2" as himself (friend of Tony stark). All the parameters of the Mask is more like a comic book character than a real person.

Musk became the second owner in the history of Silicon valley, who managed to found three companies worth more than $1 billion – PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla (the first was Jim Clark).

The rules of business Elon musk

Musk is not only a businessman but also an engineer: he was personally involved in the design development of electric vehicles and spacecraft. In an era when "the best minds figure out how to get people to click on ads", Musk has dedicated himself to space and alternative energy. He plays for some other rules and it does so very successfully. How does he do it?

The first rule: Ask the right questions

When Elon musk started teenage depression, he started to absorb the philosophical and religious literature. But the most valuable lessons, according to him, he eventually made from the book of Douglas Adams "Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy". "She taught me that the hardest part is to come up with the right questions. Once you've done that, everything else turns out very simple." These thoughts led him an episode in which a giant supercomputer after several million years of thinking answers the "ultimate question of Life, the Universe and everything" meaningless number 42.

"I came to the conclusion that we should strive to expand the limits of human consciousness, to learn to ask the right questions," says Musk. Your question, he came up with long ago: "When I was in College, I was constantly thinking about what most in the future will affect the fate of humanity?". Musk decided that this is the Internet, the transition to renewable energy sources and migration of people to other planets. He decided to try to contribute in each of these areas. But first he needed money.

Rule two: do Not mind analogies – preparerow reality to fundamental reasons

The main obstacle to true innovation, according to the Mask, is the habit of people to think in analogies. As a result, in most cases they're just trying to do something better, instead of creating something new. Musk thinks in a fundamentally different way: "In physics there is a concept of fundamental principles. You prepariruetsya reality to its fundamental reasons. Start to build the argument from there. It requires much more mental effort".

For decades, the space seemed inaccessible to private business. Its development depended on giant budgets remained the prerogative of governments. Musk was convinced that the overhead of creating and launching rockets can be reduced ten times. But first, he needed to reformulate the goal of space flight. The main mission of SpaceX, says Musk, is not the delivery of astronauts and cargo into orbit, and the colonization of other planets. If you want to move part of humanity off the Land on some moon of Jupiter, hell have to come up with a way to do it economically.

SpaceX and Musk have been able from scratch to design a launch vehicle, the Falcon 9 and Dragon spacecraft. According to estimates by NASA, the creation of the Falcon 9 was supposed to cost $3.9 billion, SpaceX missed the $300 million Company the Mask also offers the lowest prices in the world for cargo delivery to orbit. Today SpaceX holds contracts for $4 billion, a third of which goes to NASA, and the rest to private companies.

Musk himself hopes to die on Mars. But not when landing.

Rule three: Dream – embellishing reality, you're changing it

In 2008 Tesla Roadster became the first all-electric vehicle in serial production. In 2012, Tesla began selling the Model S sedan aimed at a wider audience. Last summer, at the presentation of the Model S Musk categorically stated that twenty years later, more than half of cars manufactured will be fully electric, "I'm sure it will. Willing to put money on it". Those wishing to enter into such a bet will be enough. Even the most optimistic analysts ' estimates, forecast the Mask can not come true. But the founder and CEO of Tesla it is hardly embarrassing: embellishing reality, he had to change it.

Reality distortion field (field of reality distortion) – a term coined by Apple employees to describe the ability of Steve jobs to convince themselves and others that the implementation of facing them the impossible is actually possible. According to his Mask, Elona, too, has such a field. "He just picks up the facts so that they fit his version of reality," – told The New York Times former Vice President of Tesla Darryl Siray. And here's another quote from ray wert, editor-in-chief of the automotive blog Jalopnik: "I don't believe him. I don't think he's lying. To be honest, I think he believes in what he says. But I am sure that this is absolutely not true."

Tesla Motors repeatedly predicted failure, and a startup several times was on the verge of collapse. Once the Mask even had to sell his Maclaren F1 to even slightly extend the life of a dying company. But he kept saying that everything is going great. And somehow miraculously everything was getting better.

Rule four: Invest in projects that can make a change

"I don't want to be a grandfather who can't check their email. But I'm hardly in the future will make a new Internet business. It seems to me that I should focus on creating things that can positively affect the future of humanity.""I like to be involved in things that will change the World.»

Rule five: Always ask "Why not?»

"I always first think about whether our knowledge about something true. Maybe there is some other explanation? I did it with the first classes of the school. I'm always challenged. It drove parents crazy. I never believed and always demanded to answer the question, "why?". Then I tried to understand whether the meaning of their response.""Always think about what you could do better and ask the right questions.»

Rule six: you Have to be Thomas Edison, not Nikola Tesla

"Tesla Motors is named after Nikola Tesla, because we use some of his inventions. This guy definitely deserves more recognition by society. However, to be honest, I always liked Thomas Edison, because unlike Tesla, he was able to bring their inventions to the mass market and make them available for all mankind. Tesla has failed.»

Rule seven: work hard. Very much.

"I worked from morning till night. Lived in the same warehouse where they filmed the office and to take a shower and went into the changing rooms of the local stadium. But I saved on rent, and in the first two most difficult years kept the company afloat.»

"Work 80-100 hours a week. This will increase the chances of success.»

"People who know me generally have a good opinion about me. In General, until I fired them, they always have a good opinion about me.»

"I think the mistake of hiring a huge number of people to get a complex technical product. The number of never compensate for talent, and usually will slow your progress and increase the cost of the product.»

Rule eight: you Cannot change the world without risk

"When Henry Ford began to produce cheap and reliable cars, people did not immediately accept him. It was a huge risk and it was justified.»

"SpaceX wants to be the company that will be able to contribute to the resettlement of people to other planets, because, I think, is the most ambitious goal that can stand in the face of life. And although you can never forget the more mundane things, very useful to have a kind of Holy Grail, the search for whom becomes the long-term goal and main source of inspiration.»

Difficult Mask issued in 2008 — his business is on the verge of bankruptcy. The problems start even in 2007, when start serial production of two-seater sports electric car Tesla Roadster. The car was planned to sell for $92 000, but was that $140 thousand are only the materials for its production. Musk blames the poor performance of co-founder Martin Eberhard and fires him as CEO. The offense and creates blog where describes the Mask as heartless and short-sighted man who killed the creative spirit of the company and started her real bloodletting. The fact that Musk dismisses almost a third of staff closes office in Detroit, how can presses on suppliers for cost reduction. In the end, the Roadster starts to be sold in 2008 for $109 000. Later the Mask on pages Inc admitted that in the crisis years woke up and realized that in the dream was crying.But gradually things are on the mend. In December 2008, NASA concludes with SpaceX a contract worth about $1.6 billion for 12 flights of the new Falcon 9 rocket to the ISS for seven years. In may 2012, is the successful test flight without a load, in October 2012 without any problems delivered the first batch of cargo. In March of this year the truck SpaceX denied three of the four groups of engines and are not disclosed solar panels, but in the end problems can be solved and docking occurs. Can save and Tesla. In October 2008, Musk says the Board of Directors that agreed to attract $40 million from shareholders. In fact, he is the one who agreed to invest and provides $20 million in cash. Impressed by such an act, the other investors allocate money. "Soul Elona mastered the idea of changing the world. He said: well, what with the fact that he has no more money?"says his brother Kimball, co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX. In February 2010, Musk said that spent all the money was in my Bank account, and lives on a salary of $8255 per month. In June 2010, Tesla Motors conducts an IPO — the first IPO of the automotive companies in the US since 1956, when the exchange out of the Ford. In honor of the IPO Tesla Musk allows himself and the first since 2002 vacation — four day in French Polynesia, on a four-day goes to Brazil to visit a relative. Stops in a rented apartment: "Since youth is the worst place I had to live — he says the magazine Inc. — It stinks, the bed sheet stained and, honestly, biting bugs. But it was amazing! We had a great time!".

Rule nine: to hell with the MBA! engage in fundamental education

"I do not recommend MBA. an MBA is not needed, this is a bad idea. MBA courses are taught entirely in the wrong. It does not teach people to think. And the more prestigious courses, the worse. Because there accustom people to the idea that they are special, after which they become unable to take feedback and impartially analyze their own mistakes. I employ rather in spite of the presence of the degree, not because of him. Among the top management of my companies very few people with MBA.»

"Physics is very helpful, because mathematics, which rely businessmen, very primitive compared with the mathematical apparatus of physics. Remember on the course on the analysis of the securities market teacher explained that this matrix. I was in shock. If you know enough math to do physics, then economic problems will be solved without effort. Many scientists underestimate themselves in this area. In fact, they know much more than you think. You can just take and apply the physical method of thinking to almost any problem is a universal techniques and they work in the world economy as well as in the world of physics.»

"Even if you don't want after graduation to work as a physicist, such education is very useful. So I recommend to study physics as a Foundation, then go more of a variety of applied engineering courses to determine the most interesting direction for you, and not to neglect the arts and Humanities, especially history. And it also helps to study some of the economic subjects, at least to understand the terminology.»

Rule ten: pretty girls don't like nerds. Love them the most beautiful.

"I grew up in South Africa and there was a very small community, I had few opportunities to share with someone my Hobbies... Among my peers with programming in General no one was interested. I had almost to force them to play D&D. Some liked, but others had a lot of cajoling, because the tournament needed a team of four people. I played computer games, wrote software, and I had pants with a drawstring. Actually, I was hard. The girls didn't want to go with me on a date... And I've been collecting radio, the missile did. In South Africa they are not sold in stores, so I had to find out the composition of the propellant, is to pound ingredients in a mortar, to fill the rocket and launch it — with unpredictable results.»

The first two years of life in the U.S. he studied at the Royal University in the canadian city of Kingston and met there with his future wife Justine. He notices from the window of a beautiful girl, fit and, murmuring that they had already met at a party, invites you to an ice cream parlor. Justine says: first, she agreed, and then decided to get rid of the boyfriend is hung on the door of his room a note with a request not to disturb. But it's worth it to walk out the door with Elon here with two ice cream horns. Perseverance won the girl. They married in 2000, had six sons (one died in infancy).

After the first $20 million of capital, the McLaren F1, a small plane, a private condominium "daily routine life has not changed, except that it included flying lessons, recalls Justine on the pages of Marie Claire. — Wealth Elona seemed abstract and non-existent — the number of zeroes in his own strange world. I bitterly joked that it's time for him to change me into a supermodel. Instead, it's right on the corner got down on one knee and proposed to me".published 

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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