Unconscious ask the right questions

As the saying goes: the correct question is already half the answer. So. The Unconscious by asking the right questions, You can easily and quickly solve your problem — if you solve the problem; or you reach a goal — if you reach the goal. Now we have to figure out what are the right questions?

Two mushroom pickers got lost. Hardly moving feet, they came to the edge.
And there the ensign is. They asked him:
— Comrade military, we correctly go on station?
— Yes there is right? Ankle wobble, bump stops are not clear, and indeed out of step.

The right questions are those which lead us to the goal. Wrong is not lead us to the goal, and max just satisfy our curiosity.

Questions of the series:
— Why he did that?
— Why am I not lucky?
— What caused such behavior-in-law?
The reasons for my laziness?
— WHY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y?

Do not solve the problem. Moreover, they are a big temptation in order for her to continue not to solve it. To confuse the understanding of the causes and solution is not just easy, but also very nice, because you can put a tick, did everything I could. While there is nothing made that was not.

But questions of the series:
— How to do so, he began to do differently?
— How do I become successful?
— How to build a relationship of trust with her mother in law?
How to start to be active?
Why would I want that? How do I use it?

To solve the problem. And in them and problems that are not visible — they can see a solution, half of which was mentioned in the saying. To stop not to drive, you need to become successful. Difficult? Yes, like no. And how to deal with the causes of bad luck? Why? With the goal of "to become and be successful" they are, the reasons (obstacles), they will worked out — either consciously or unconsciously.


There is no such problem, which did not start to be addressed since the formation of the right question. If the problem is not beginning to be resolved with the first response, repeat the question to include the answer.

Here it is:
— Do not have time to pass the session.
— How to do so, to be able to pass the session?
— No way! Just one more week, and I need to learn 5 items!
— How to do so, to be able to pass the session, when only one week left, and we must learn 5 items?

The Question "How?" assumes a clear answer, which is aimed at a specific result. Such that there was no answer, or it was negative, can not be. If the solution is not in sight, make the technique of MHD (of which you surely know and if not, it is described in almost every book by S. V. Kovalev) and repeat your question. As said by someone wise: no defeat — there is a cessation attempts.

So, with half of the solution we figured out. What about the other half?

It's very simple. Here we help two wonderful question, which are widely used by competent therapists when working with any request:

1. What is stopping you?
The first question brings us a list of restrictions that impede the achievement of the goal.

2. What is missing?
The second issue brings us a list of resources that you need to solve.

— Want to earn from 250 000 roubles a month!
How to do so to earn from 250 000 roubles a month?
— Need to find sources of income!
What prevents to find sources of income?
— Tired of work, you come home and can't do anything.
— How to make you found additional sources of income despite the fact that you're tired at work?
— Stop whining, brew some coffee, and instead of the evening news on TV to address the issue.
— What else prevents that?
My self-doubt.
— What can you do?
— Generally unsure of what I do little professional self-development. Need to find a way to give it more time, it will give me confidence, ambition and determination.
— And what do you still not enough, but the certainty?
— I do not have the iron grip of the entrepreneur, financial thinking, the ability to correctly build a marketing campaign.

And so on. With the answer to every question we have multiple outputs to specific steps and specific psycho. For example, work with a piece will help to eliminate internal obstacles. Resourceaware will help to obtain necessary resources. There are no options, where the problem cannot be solved. Enough to have a little courage, sincerity ourselves and determination.

And all this — the result is delivered correctly and timely questions.

Continue. There are two noteworthy questions:
— As this is a problem?
— What do you want instead?

They help to structure any problem as clearly as possible and very clear, and transfer motivation of care to the achievement motivation.

— My girlfriend left me
— As this is a problem?
— Can't sleep, eat and generally makes me feel bad.
— What do you want instead?
— I want to feel comfortable, calm, confident, treat it as neutral
— What prevents... what's missing... how to make...

All ingenious is simple. Find something that You are not satisfied. Please refer to Unconscious issues. Get answers. Listen to what comes first second. Capture on paper. Do. Get pleasure from the received result of the process. Ask new questions...

It is a cure for depression. It is a universal solution to the problems. This is an effective way to live happily ever after.published


Author: Anton Kovalevskiy


Source: psy-in.ru/articles/zadaem-bessoznatelnomu-pravilnye-voprosy


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