René Koch: Massage spoons against sagging of the buttocks, fat on belly and thighs

Renee Koch, a prominent beautician, has brought a scientific basis and creatively reworked a popular method of treatment of bruises applying a cold spoon to the affected area.

The revolutionary ideas of Koch is to apply not only cold but also hot and even flavored spoons.

The result displays the excess fluid from the tissues, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, muscles become more resilient, and facial contours become more clear. And not just the face. Spoons have been very effective remedy for sagging buttocks, fat on the abdomen and thighs, and even cellulite.

The rules of the road


The main motion is circular. First clockwise, then against.

Clockwise massage is always pressure, but back pressure is impossible in any case, that has not happened reverse the outflow of tissue fluid.

The skin must be clean, without any cosmetics. As a massage framework you can use creams and natural essential oils.

The optimal time for procedures — immediately after waking up.

1. Warm spoon, place in a hollow neckline and circular movements move to the axillary hollows. You can grease the spoon with oil of sprouts of wheat.



2. Chilled spoon attach to the elbow crease in a circular motion and glide up the inside of the hand. Prevents muscle sagging.

3. Anti-cellulite massage. Cold spoon to apply the cream. First, massage from the bottom up the inside of the thigh and then the outer.

4. Anti-cellulite massage. Large salad spoons to cool and attach to the gluteal folds. Massage in small circular motions from the center to the sides, then from bottom to top

5. Dip a spoon in malacology ice. Then apply it to the eyelids. This will help to reduce swollen bags and dark circles under the eyes.

6. Cool the spoon first lead clockwise around the navel, then upwards and outwards (with effort!). Helps to get rid of fat folds.

7. The back should be massaged, moving from the tailbone up. Circular movements clockwise from the spine along the ribs.published


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