10 tips from Mahatma Gandhi

Life Principles from the legendary Mahatma Gandhi, who want to learn and repeat, like a mantra.

"If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago committed suicide».
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi did not need the detail view. In India, his name is surrounded by the same reverence with which pronounced the names of saints. The whole world knows the man who led his country to independence from the British government in 1947.

So, here are 10 tips from Mahatma Gandhi to help change the world around you:

1. Change yourself
You must be what you want to see the world. Our human greatness lies not in the ability to change the world, it is just a myth of the atomic age. This is - the ability to change themselves

If you change yourself, you change the world. If you change your thinking, you change your perceptions and behaviors. And so it will change the world around you. Not just because now you're looking at your surroundings through the lens of his new thoughts and emotions, but also because the internal changes will allow you to do as you have never received and did not even think to do as thought in the old template.

And even if you change the world without changing yourself you will still remain a problem: you will remain yourself, seeing the changes, which he dreamed. You're the same person, the same has not changed vices, anger, negative emotions, a tendency to self-destruction.

And you can not find what you need, in this new world - because your mind is still filled with these negative. And if you get more, not looking into your soul and did not distance himself from his ego, it can grow even more. As long as your ego like to share, find enemies and alienate, it may cause you more problems and add contradictions in life and the world around them.

2. Run a
No one can hurt me if I did not let

What you feel and how to react to what is happening depends on you. This may be a "normal" or conventional reaction to a variety of things. And basically that's how it comes.

You can follow their own thoughts, reactions and emotions in relation to the whole. You do not have to go out of myself to take everything to heart and even to react negatively. Maybe not every time and is not constant. Sometimes the reaction is involuntarily. Alternatively, slip out of habit old thinking.

And when you realize that no one from the outside is not really able to control your feelings, you can use this way of thinking in everyday life and turn it into their everyday thinking. In the habit, you will be able to strengthen over time. This will make life easier and more enjoyable in general.

3. Forgive and forget
Weak never forgives. Forgiveness - a sign of the strong. The principle of "an eye for an eye" can make the whole world blind.

It is impossible to defeat the evil scourge. And as stated in the previous tip, you can always choose how to treat something. When you start more and more recourse to precisely this way of thinking, you will be able to relate to what is happening as it is useful for you and other people.

You understand that forgiveness and forgetfulness of the past have served for you and for those people who are close to you. A waste of time on the bad memories does not help you after you have learned from this situation. You just cause yourself unnecessary suffering and do not give themselves the right to act in the moment.

If you do not forgive, you let the past and another person to control his feelings. Simple, you will free yourself from these shackles. And then you can focus on something else.

4. You can not achieve anything until you start acting
One ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of prayers

Few things can be done, if no action is taken.
And you can start to seek solace in the arguments, as referred to Gandhi. Or endlessly read and learn. And you will feel that you are moving forward. But at the same time you will not have any real results, or they will be insignificant.

So, in order to really achieve what you want, and really understand yourself and your world, you need the practice. Books can give you mainly knowledge. You need to act and implement the knowledge in the results.

You can find some effective tips on how to deal with this issue, in the article "How to act: 9 useful tips." Or you can go to the next step, which, as I found out, even given the best advice on how to act.

5. Think about the present moment
I do not want to foresee the future. I care about now. God has not given me the opportunity to manage what will

I realized that the best way to overcome internal resistance, which often prevents us to act - to be present and take it.

Why is that? When you live by this you are not worried what will happen, because you can not manage it anyway. And the reluctance to move to action, which arises from the imagined future negative consequences, or memories of past failures, loses its power. It becomes easier and act, and focus on the current situation and to show their best side.

See advice in the article "8 Ways to return to this" how to quickly start living in the present moment. And remember that now and return to stay in it is a psychological habit that you develop, as well as their muscles. During the time she is getting stronger and becoming easier to quickly return to the present.

6. We are all
I declare that I - an ordinary man, who tend to err as any mortal man. However, I have enough humility to admit their mistakes and go back down

It is not very wise - to be sure of your own wisdom. It must be remembered that the strongest might show weakness, and the wisest might err

When you begin to create the myths of the people, even if the reason for this were some unusual results they have achieved, you run the risk of separation to achieve them. You start to think that you will never be able to achieve the same things they have, because they are so unlike you. It is important just to remember that whoever we are, we are all humans.

And I think that it is important to remember that we, the people have the habit of making mistakes. If you put forward unreasonable demands in relation to other people, it will cause unnecessary conflicts from the outside and negative feelings in your soul.

This is also necessary to remember to avoid useless habit punish myself for mistakes. Instead, be prepared to know exactly where you're wrong, and what exactly you can learn through this error. And then try again.

7. persevere
At first you do not notice, and then laugh at you, then you are fighting, and then you win

Be persistent. Over time, the resistance around you will be broken. And your inner resistance and a tendency to self-destruction, that will keep you and stop change too faint.

Find out what you really enjoy doing. Then find the inner stimulus that will encourage you to move, move and move forward. You will find many useful tips on self-motivation in the article "How to overcome the decline in motivation" and "25 simple ways to find an incentive." One of the reasons for the success of Gandhi and his method of non-violence is its own persistence and perseverance of his followers. They just do not give up.

The success or victory rarely come quickly, as if you wanted to. I believe that one of the reasons why people do not get what they want is that they give up too quickly. The time that they are considered to be sufficient to achieve the desired, is not equal to the time which is usually necessary to reach the goal. This misconception arises because the world in which we live. A world where advertising is constantly offering "magic pill" that can solve all our problems, help you lose weight or earn a lot of money in just 30 days. You can read more about this in the article "One big mistake that most of the people».

Finally, another useful advice on how not to lose perseverance - read a third quote Gandhi in this article and do not lose your sense of humor. This makes it easier to relate to life in the most difficult times.

8. See the good people and help them
I hope only good in people. I myself am not without sin, and therefore I do not consider myself entitled to focus on the mistakes of others

The greatness of a man is particularly evident by how it contributes to the welfare of neighbors

I understand that once the ability to lead the muscles were needed, but now it means the ability to get along with people

In humans, there is always a lot of good. And also not very good. But you can choose what to focus on. And if you want to improve, focusing on the good things in people, it would be a good choice. This is your life also becomes easier because your world and your relationships become more pleasant and positive.

And when you see the good in people, you become easier to find them an incentive to be helpful. And if you need other people benefit from them, you do better not only their lives. Over time it will be so that you get what you give. And those people who have helped you begin to seek to help others. And you all together create an upward spiral of positive change that grows and becomes stronger.

Leveraging their social interaction skills, you can become an influential person and make this upward spiral powerful. That article, which can help you with good advice in this area: "You make these 10 mistakes during intercourse?" And "10 Tips Dale Carnegie to help improve your communication skills." Or you can go to the next council.

9. Be yourself, be in harmony with his "I»
Happiness - is when what you think, say and do are in harmony

Always think about the harmony between thought, word and deed. Always place your order to clear your thoughts and everything will be fine

I think the best advice for improving social skills is to behave according to the situation and deal with all possible sincerity. People really like the sincere communication. And you get a great inner pleasure when your thoughts, words and actions will conform to each other. You'll feel powerful and strong.

When words and thoughts correspond to each other, it will be noticeable in dialogue with you. Because there is a tone of voice and body language - some say they represent 90 percent of communication - that match your words.

If between all this information coming from you no inconsistency, people will really listen to what you say. You need to communicate without hypocrisy, falsehood and conflicting promises.

Also, if your actions do not match what you say hurt your own belief that you can do. As faith in you other people.

10. Continue to grow and develop
Continuous development - this is the law of life. And the man who always tries to stick firmly established views for the sake of consistency, exhausts himself in the wrong position

You need to constantly improve their skills, habits or overestimate their judgment. You need to seek a deeper understanding of the world and ourselves.

Of course, you can seem unstable or it will look as if you do not know what you're doing. You may experience problems with sincerity in communication. But if you do not do that, from the point of view of Gandhi will find yourself in the "wrong way." In a place where you will defend their old views and clinging to them, to look permanent, until you realize that something is wrong. And it's not very fun. Much more useful and happy is a choice path of growth and development.


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