How not to lose money on the purchase of the first books in the EPUB format and what is wrong in the book trade

Just bought the first e-book format EPUB
I understand why many people still prefer the paper version. i> h6>

First, the main caveat for which written post.
In no case do not download to your computer / gadget book,
a protected DRM-EPUB format before,
how to get Adobe ID and tie him to your device!
Communication with the next potential customer instead of profitable orders cute conversation ended and the question on his part: "Why having such achievements and such an experience you still have not started your own business full-on introduction not strangers, and their ideas to life?". To finally find the strength to start, he offered me a "blow your mind" with absolutely incredible book about startups and even threw a link to this miracle. Seed fell on fertile soil, and I decided to read this if you do not work, then at least look through. I is not too sure about the possibility of transferring the Western experience of a sovereign Russian reality, but in the present circumstances, more and more I reflect on the way to a large part of their friends and start your own business over the hill, take advantage of globalization.

So I went to the link with the firm intention to make a purchase and then ran into the freedom of choice. The book was already available in two versions, both print and electronic. Out of a desire to save money and as quickly as possible to do violence on his own brain, I chose the latter and decided, for the first time in my life, purchased with money that can be downloaded for free in the torrent. It turned out that in this way there are pitfalls and not quite where you expect to see them. As a result, the first purchase may take much more time than going to a nearby bookstore, and at the outlet for his considerable money received limited in application of the product. About how to minimize the harm of the buying process and will be discussed under the cut. Those who dare to read the article to the end and to get acquainted with my thoughts about the current state of affairs in the field of e-book sales, and if the subject is affected by someone other than me, and then discuss it in the comments.

The first acquaintance with EPUB and seller. B> h5>
 Of course the smell of fresh ink, soft rustle of pages in a comfortable chair warm, it's great, but the metaphysics of metaphysics, and the Christmas tree is a pity! Plus e-book can, in theory, to get much faster than the paper version, but if you're dealing with is not fiction, it may be a number of additional undeniable benefits of interactive products.
So decided acquire electronic version. That purchase because you want to be a law-abiding citizen, to thank the authors for their titanic work, and you are too lazy, risking the worm as a reward, to waste time searching and downloading pirated version. But it turns out, the reality presents us with its surprises.
One of the most common formats is now perhaps EPUB, well at least I ran into just such an option. Try to buy the book on Amazon has led me to the website . Well, so be it. There I learned about the two possible versions - paper and electronic versions. The second one was slightly cheaper - that way for thirty percent. Reluctantly I picked her soul, but still decided to start reading chapter trial, the presence of which is a common practice in the sale of books. In my case, despite the very serious price, the seller did not bother to lay out and half a page. Well, then I buy a book on the recommendation for me it is not so important. But here there is a fad "table of contents", even if the structure of the book understand. With joy zhmyhayu on the link and get a reward only the name of the book. Hmm. Dismiss the idea that the seller does scored on the buyer, because I was promised that the book will blow the brain. Perhaps one of the ways in which it is going to achieve this - no table of contents. The truth is very confusing, if you believe that the annotations on the site, the book takes exactly one page. No more no less. Well maybe it is written on papyrus?
Finally, I notice a small inscription "This book is protected technologies DRM". Then I finally understand that the "hit", but still can not imagine how. Subconscious smell that should stop and surrender into the hands of pirates, but the national Russian feature attraction to walking on the rake, will not let me do that, and instead climb to Wikipedia, where know:
Digital rights management (TSZAP; Eng. DRM - Digital rights management) - software or firmware that intentionally restrict or impede the various actions with the data in electronic form (copy, modify, view, and so on. N.) Or allow to monitor such actions. DRM is a set of control systems and access control.
It should be recognized that the seller did everything to finally keep the buyer from the reckless act of purchase. He warns on the site that bought the book will be available for reading in most gadget-book readers, so popular in Russia, and read on smartphones and tablets have to install additional software and to register (as it turned out later a long and tedious).
In spite of everything, I still drew from the wide leg your credit card and start shopping. At first all went well, except for the fact that when buying had to introduce some exotic data on other sites I have never demanded.
However, instead of his book in a basket on my account in listed funds received and I had to re-look book and only then make a purchase. But it's the little things right word, but finally we can read your purchase! Barely a few minutes. It was not there. The most fun was just beginning.

Register above all! B> h5>

The site links instead emblazoned inscription that the download is blocked. What zhalos. Well, at least one eye to look at your folio! I decide to start to use the button "Read online" and get a statement instead of a text that read this format is not going to support the site. The question is, why in that case the button does not lock!
So no other way, we should try to swing the purchase somehow on the computer and read it, bypassing the lock. As it turned on, then the lock is removed and the formal installation of a tick in the box "to download books confirm that you have an account Adobe ID." But put entirely on purpose. The seller just wants to absolve themselves of responsibility for the case, if you download a file (like a fool I did) ahead of time. Next, the most important thing.
Looking ahead, again. In no case do not download to your computer / gadget book that is protected by a DRM EPUB format before you get Adobe ID and do not tie him to your device, otherwise the book will be read in the future solely on this device. Even if you plan to make this still binding, it is no longer save the situation. I>
Applies to electronic books DRM protection technology theoretically allows to set and read a book you downloaded the six devices, but krahobory want to make sure you install it only on devices that belong to you personally. By default, they believe that you personally owned computer only (gadget) to which you have made download, but still leave you the ability to "tag" other devices like your. As a mark of this kind is offered only one way - you have to register on Adobe, get out there account Adobe ID, and then tie the record to a computer. Binding to a computer - a mandatory step, as you can register themselves at least a dozen records, but the one my computer bind only a single and nothing else. How to execute a registration and bind sufficient detail painted here:
Moreover, the procedure for obtaining ID can be combined with the installation of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) - the program in which you will have to read the book. Personally, I have the registration ID and install ADE no problems, but not so on the computer's name.

Revenge offended time. B> h5>
 All my attempts to perform this operation as described in the above link to print out here such window:

Here the first time I have to praise the sales site - they are not too lazy to create a chat room in which even around midnight me, oddly enough, it was possible to detect a bored employee. For a start, she suggested me to restart the computer, which is naturally produced no results other than wasted time, and then I was advised to deal with the system time.
Further dancing with a tambourine did show that the problem is just this. On the one hand irresponsible attitude to time our beloved government, and on the other with nothing comparable greed gentlemen, promoting technology DRM, which apparently really care about is that you could not read their books outside the country of purchase, and perhaps even your native time zone. At the same time, they, like vindopisateli unwilling track somersaults our government, which then goes to winter time in the summer, the saving in the winter, then freezes it, defrost ...
In general, I had not just choose the time zone that corresponds to Moscow, and more and implement precise synchronization with the time on the Internet.

Picture made for Win XP

As a result of this operation time was different for an hour from the current Moscow, but "the program potential enemy" came from this in an unprecedented enthusiasm and tied my computer to the ID on the first try!
Finally I was able to open the book purchased, but will not be able to read it on any other device other than your computer. Moreover, in the near future I'm going to make a long-overdue serious upgrade your computer - put an additional screw and expand the memory up to at least 12 Gig, leading to saying goodbye to my good old XP, which more than three and a half does not see by definition. Yet the fact that the book finds so capricious an updated device and want to read it.
I can say that the book turned out to be really explosive, blew my mind before reading.

Maybe the conservatory that something is wrong? B> h5>
 Maybe I do not understand anything in business, but in my opinion the exorbitant greed gentlemen applying DRM technology is hurting their own business.
Complicating the process of downloading books, tying the use of purchased products to the region they reduce their profits. Sellers getting huge profits from sales do not seek to improve the service. Book publishers have no incentive to empower e-books, which could be for a couple of orders of magnitude user convenient publications.
Buyers pay huge money for a book not only severely limited in the use of gadgets, which they can read it, but have to be used for reading programs with extremely miserable interface and functionality at the program level long-forgotten Windows 3.1
Instead of taking care of the convenience of the user and to reduce the cost of product profits from sales are spent on endless lawsuits against copyright infringers. Gentlemen do not want to face the truth - they stimulate piracy putting its customers numerous slingshot.
Talk of the town began to record companies monopoly, but even they have children compared with eagles booksellers. The difference between the purchase price KACHESTVNENNOGO license disk and hiking to a concert is more than 10 times, and the difference between a well-decorated paper and electronic copies of books tuftovoy 30-40, well, a maximum of 50 percent !!! And this despite the fact that the cost of production and distribution of electronic copies can be thousands, if not tens of thousands of times lower than when you print the paper version.

Here are a few steps that I have applied to the site of the fat lazy cats booksellers to expand the volume of legal sales and ultimately increase their profits. H6>
to drastically reduce the price of e-books without a multimedia context - ten times compared with a printed folio. Introduced to voluntary certification books for classes, depending on the given user facilities. On the book should thus be put icons indicating what functionality it possesses and the buyer will decide which version to buy - a clean text, text with illustrations or he is willing to pay extra for multimedia and interactive component. For a business, technical, children's literature, it can be very greatly enhance the usability of the book. Certification voluntary - you do not want are not certified, but then you have to sell books cheaper buying it for the reader goes to the risk. Part excess profits would allocate to hold public tenders for the development of user-friendly and functional formal programs readers for various operating systems .
Here are some examples of additional features: h6>
The presence of a table of contents with links. Availability of free trial heads to be able to understand the style of presentation and quality of the translation, at least. < / Hyperlinks. High-quality images. Multimedia features - sound and animation. Availability of sites (eg code) that can be easily could be copied from the book. Problems with hidden solutions and tests on the material covered.
 The above measures are in my opinion could stimulate the creation of an entirely new level of books for which users would be willing to pay more. Reference books, children's and educational literature, technical writings would become not just a book, and our friend and mentor. Reasonable prices would increase circulation and would make irrelevant pirating. Simply pay fifty rubles than take the risk of catching a virus, or get problems with the law.
And what do we have now? License books - the same pirate, but read them less convenient and you have to buy a pig in a poke, because in most cases it is impossible to look at the content before purchase.
Result - sellers are losing profits, the authors' fees, buyers get a lot of money for a cat in a bag, which is very inconvenient to use for other purposes. Jubilant only pirates and a huge staff of lawyers who earn their bread with caviar on the fight against pirates. Is this the right approach?
Unfortunately, this is only a dream. In the meantime, the first desire that came to me after reading the book fee, otskrinshotit and translate at least in DjVu. At least to yourself can be read without any restrictions, and because someone will not stop and put in a torrent.

P.S. I carried her this article to training material is somewhat arbitrary. Rather, from the category of teapots teapots and is designed to facilitate the shock of the first experience with the new product. Beginners often make the same mistakes and only they can describe them in all colors. For the pros, who wrote an article on the same subject from the height of his experience "stuff" faced by beginners simply can not be seen. I>



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