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Do chitalok electronic ink has a couple advantages. Extremely long, at present, duration of the battery, as well as comfort to the eye under normal lighting conditions. In all other respects these devices are not competitors gadgets with LCD display - smartphones and tablets. But, thanks to its strengths, readers live, develop, and even arise hybrid device.

Of course, creating a smartphone with two displays - a strong and unusual step. But what about those who are not ready to buy a new smartphone and carry a separate gadget for reading books? The original solution offered PocketBook: smartphone is inserted into the cover-cover, the cover of which is a small reader. Simple and elegant. However, the decision turned out not universal. PocketBook CoverReader designed exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S4. But it is, in fact, the unit-demand experiment for probing.

Display: 4, 3 "EPD, 480 * 800, 217 ppi e-book formats: PDF (Adobe DRM), EPUB (Adobe DRM), DjVu, TXT, FB2, FB2 .zip, CHM, html (basic), CBZ, CBR, SBT; corresponds to the application for Android PocketBook Reader Image Formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WebP Touch screen: 2 sensory areas Dimensions: 69h146 mm < / Weight: 40 g
Design and konstruktsiya

To install PocketBook CoverReader have to remove the back cover of the smartphone and install it in place of "smart cover." The design of this side is almost unchanged, simply disappears logo Samsung.

Back cover made of CoverReader glossy plastic, virtually the same as the original. The front cover has a soft-touch coating and mounted on a rubber bridge. Unfortunately, numerous fingerprints several impair marketability.

On the reverse side of the front cover is a touch screen electronic ink. Under it are recessed button page turning. In the closed position the cover is held by a magnet, but not too tight. Cover is very light, only 40 grams, and subjectively hardly increases the weight of the smartphone. Display slightly recessed inside, but there is a risk that the pressure from the outside may touch screens.

Turning reader automatically when opening the cover. Display resolution is more than enough for comfortable reading. Subjectively, the device is capable of displaying up to 16 shades of gray.

Impressions from raboty

For operation of the "smart cover" use two applications. The first is called very intricately: CoverReader, and is designed to adjust the text, registration and election notice.

The second application is called PocketBook Reader. This is the e-book viewer. Manufacturer claims to support a large number of formats, including comics (PDF (Adobe DRM), EPUB (Adobe DRM), DjVu, TXT, FB2, FB2.zip, CHM, html (basic), CBZ, CBR, SBT). Although they are unlikely to be conveniently viewed on such a small display for readers. With the PocketBook Reader also can customize font size, text and background colors, set margins, and much more.

PocketBook CoverReader allows you to create notes and use widgets. Supports display of covers together with headers, you can access the network library (OPDS-directories). If you like to listen to an audiobook, you can enable automatic voice reading. However, no complaints about the speed of the device we did not have all the tasks carried out quickly and without brakes.

In fact, the cover is the only display device, and both applications are running on your smartphone. When you click on an icon on its display on the reader include displaying text. You can turn pages as buttons at the bottom, and move your finger across the display. All adjustments are made only through the smartphone.

While reading, you will not miss calls or SMS through pop-up notifications. But the answer will have to switch to the display of the smartphone.

ZaklyuchenieEsli you are accustomed to the classical reader, then display "Smartphone" size may seem too small to read comfortably. But it is rather a matter of habit and not a disadvantage. In the end, many people are reading books on their smartphones. Most likely, such a cover if readers and get spread, only as a result of significant improvements. In particular, the need to ensure compatibility with the much larger number of smartphones allow replies from the display reader, to support notifications from social networks and instant messengers. It may make sense to add your own battery because the device is now totally dependent on battery smartphone. In other words, PocketBook CoverReader became tentative step that is unlikely to continue thereafter.

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