How to live the Chinese farm bitcoins trafficking 1, $ 5 million per month

Four people control 3% of the entire network Bitcoin

In rural areas of Liaoning Province in northeast China in the former factory building on the second floor there is a bitcoin farm, which under the condition of non-disclosure of the location visited by representatives of the magazine Vice. This is just one of six sites that are owned by a group of four people. Total in October last year, they have the power of a computer in 8 petaheshey per second. This 3 percent across the network Bitcoin.

Farm workers work and live in the same noisy and unattractive areas, they spend at home only four or five days a month. But work can be distracted by extraneous things, for example, video or audio books, and the owners of the farm are well paid. In summer the temperature inside the jumps at 40 degrees, day or night does not stop the noise of industrial ventilation systems, which maintain a constant temperature for three thousand ASIC-miners. This computing devices with chips, created specially for specific tasks and almost completely useless in dealing with others. Unfortunately, the model is not called - journalists Vice pledged not to divulge any information about the technical components of the farm, no information about the suppliers of equipment. But mentioned that previously used Avalon, and the current cars more bright and consume less power.

At the time of the visit coins price fluctuated around $ 375. Due to its six farms group of four received by 4050-bit coin in the month, which was equivalent to about 1, 5 million dollars. At the peak of each of the six areas brought a hundred a day, but the complexity of mining and income change. At the time of the interview we receive 20-25 coins per day on each of the farms. By the way, as shown in the video farm consumes about 1250 kilowatt, and each month comes at the expense of 80 thousand. Dollars.

Life miners pretty boring. It was diluted only attempts to open new sites and replacement of equipment - lying in the corner already 900 of failed machines that dismantled for parts. Money for equipment farm owners get together and run together now, too. Vice does not indicate how the fall of the Bitcoin impact on business, but most likely, the effect was deeply negative. Surely the owners were ready for such a development. Jin Xin said that Cryptocurrency - this is definitely the future, but admits that the technology is still at a very early stage of development, and because of this it is highly susceptible to surges. In an interview Xin said that half of their own savings holds in bitcoin.

Mining - is a way of issuing Cryptocurrency. It looks like the process of working on kriptozadachey solution that rewards distributed network. Bitcoin for remuneration at the moment is 25 coins. Every 2016 blocks network adjusts the complexity of the process, trying to keep the frequency distribution of the coins on the same level. Power miners Bitcoin network even in the early stages of development quickly exceeded computing power most powerful supercomputers in the world. Today, this process is spent megawatts of power. Economic feasibility of mining determined exchange rates, electricity and equipment - it's expensive, specialized device or video card, when it comes to Litecoin. Today, many are wondering who is hiding behind the mask of the author Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin, but in reality the network is largely controlled by miners.



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