10 amazing animals that are grown on farms

Farm spider goats at the University of Utah, USA

Chances are you've never heard of spider goats, but genetic engineering gives us the opportunity to put these animals in the very beginning of our list. Spider-goat create a science entirely. Outwardly, they are nothing of the ordinary goats are not different, but they have the DNA of spiders. And spider-goats produce milk containing spider silk spider Nephila.

Spider silk people do not eat the food, but this is the external distinguishing feature that makes spider goats unique. In addition, the researchers used the resulting spider silk from goats to develop a durable fishing line, wire, bullet-proof vests, surgical threads and parachutes.
At the university farm lives a herd of spider goats. If you are lucky, you can visit it and see everything with my own eyes. This farm - part of a major research center at the University of Utah, mainly engaged in animal husbandry and genetics.

Farm leeches «Biopharm» near Swansea, Wales, UK
umaete, with the advent of modern medicine leeches stopped buying? Well, they do now buying much less than before. But in Wales, however, there is a farm, where it is believed that the healing abilities of leeches are great, and they still show themselves.
Every year, leech farm supplies for 60,000 leeches in hospitals all over Europe and brings a business for $ 1, 6 million a year. «Biopharm» - is the first of its kind leech farm. Of course, it is an absolutely sterile medical laboratory. At cultivation of leeches used advanced technologies such as reverse osmosis and foam fractionation.

Farm for the production of "Black tusk" - coffee from elephant dung, Thailand
Ever heard of coffee from elephant dung? If you are not a connoisseur of coffee, then most likely not. And the coffee is worth a whole $ 1,000 per kilogram. Do it in Thailand, and the main ingredient, you guessed it - litter.

On the farm live elephants, cast here from all over the region. Elephants are fed the most expensive coffee beans varieties "Thai Arabica". Grains in the stomachs of elephants is not completely digested, and excreted from the body naturally. Then the beans are harvested, washed, roasted and sold at fantastic prices.

Snake Ranch, Australia
In Australia, there is a farm where specially bred poisonous snakes. This is the first and the largest nursery of reptiles throughout Australia. Their venom sell themselves like snakes. Surprisingly, there are willing to buy.
On a snake ranch bred a host of rare species of pythons - more than 15 species for sale. One type is called a children's python, but the children did not fit. By the way, python-cubs can also be bought.

Crocodile Farm Hartley, North Queensland
Do you want to spend the day in the company of crocodiles? Yes, easily - go on a crocodile farm Hartley. It has everything that is related to crocodiles, they throw them here and show to everyone.
Yes, Hartley really can come any to look for crocodiles. The owners of the farm believe that such trips - a great way to raise environmental awareness of the public.

Those who visited the farm, according to his walk an amazing experience, and if it comes to that, the farm is more like an amusement park.

Tiger mountain farm Ksionsen China
This place - a home for one of the most famous and controversial of farms in the world. Tiger's economy for many years now concerned not only Chinese people, but also the entire Earth. Now in the wild in Asia, only 3500 tigers live, moreover, tigers are gradually dying out. Experts believe that the reason for it - the demand for tiger organs: the big cats kill to get these bodies.
But there is a tiger farm Ksionsen. It saves the Tigers or, on the contrary, contributes to their extinction - a moot point. A year ago, people could chat on the farm to buy a tiger steak. Activists from around the world raised the question of abolishing the legalization of international trade in tigers and tiger while visiting a farm would be interesting to note that it is - not a zoo. Your visit can support the industry, due to which the tigers go extinct.

Sverchkova farm Armstrong, Georgia, USA
On this American farm bred crickets, which are mainly used as bait for fish. On the farm Armstrong can also find all kinds of bait - worms and other insects, but most farm is famous precisely because brown crickets.

Brown Crickets - especially because it is considered an ideal bait fish seem to love pull is enough and the smell of brown crickets more than anything else. Fishermen also like crickets, because they are not aggressive, nutritious fish, and it is easily digested.

Swiftlets Farm in Georgetown, Malaysia
From some nests Swifts can cook soup. Farmers swiftlets or edible nests, imply the use of non-residential spaces, usually urban, to create the ideal conditions for birds, so they flew back to Wylie nests and laid eggs. And the resulting hardened bird nests from saliva or simply eaten as a delicacy (strizhatami with or without), or used to prepare the world famous soup from bird nests.

The idea has appeared bird nests long time ago in China, and since then the nests of swifts eaten for centuries. In Georgetown - the capital of the Malaysian state of Penang - contained economy with millions of swiftlets.
Farm swiftlets in Georgetown carries a significant risk to the health of the city and even forced to revise the UNESCO World Heritage status for the city.

Reptile Farm in Maryland, USA
You do not know who to buy - a python or a boa constrictor? On a farm in Maryland Reptile happy to help you. This farm can impress even the fans with pythons snake ranch from the fourth paragraph - are sold boas, pythons and other reptiles interesting.
Reptile farm workers are respected in all states of the high quality standards that exist on the farm. In addition, the owners of the farm are traveling around the world to show the rare species of reptiles at the fairs.

Farm giraffes in Florida, USA
If you want to take a ride on a real giraffe, then you direct road to the farm in Florida giraffes. This is not a zoo, so, at least, believe the owners and employees: it is environmentally friendly and Farm Sanctuary for work or play with animals.

Doors farm are always open to visitors. Living here is not only the giraffes - on the farm you can see zebras, antelopes, wild boars, rhinos and zebroid. And this is only a small part, live there and other exotic animals.

Source: www.factroom.ru


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