Head of eBay said that the integration of Bitcoin in PayPal is inevitable

The other day, eBay CEO John Donahoe made a statement that must be integrated in the Bitcoin payment system PayPal. In his interview CNBC he stressed that the company is seriously considering the introduction of a payment system Cryptocurrency eBay:

It's no secret that Bitcoin will play an important role in the future. At PayPal, we are already working on the integration of digital currency in our purse.

I think in the near future, you will see how Bitcoin will be used to solve all kinds of problems, such as cross-border money transfers, transfers between people, and then by the sellers will take it.
John Donahoe also said that he himself acquired Bitcoin, because personally wanted to understand the operation of the Cryptocurrency:
"I bought Bitcoin not as an investment. I buy coins to a deeper understanding of this technology. "

Recently, it was also reported that Coinbase start serving satellite television provider Dish and will help to avoid problems when converting the proceeds from one currency to another. After that Fred Erzam, one of the founders Coinbase, made a loud statement. According to him, in a few months we will see a number of players the Giants (with a turnover of billions of dollars), which will be ready to accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is now more expensive. Growth began May 25 - three days after the completion of Bitcoin Conference 2014 in Amsterdam. At the meeting, almost all participants spoke on the topic of positive prospects for Bitcoin. Surely, this is what contributed to the growth rates.

"All the representatives of 51 countries found that say about the positive development of the ecosystem Bitcoin. Most likely, it helped investors understand that the territory of Bitcoin is much more than just the United States, China and Britain, "- said CNBC Micky Malka, the general partner of venture capital firm Ribbit Capital and board member of Bitcoin Foundation. Malka also noted that the recent interest in seeing Bitcoin from the venture community in Silicon Valley. Indeed, this year in bitcoin companies have already invested 113, $ 2 million, which is 29% higher than the total investment of the previous year, amounting to $ 88 million. For comparison, in 2012, all bitcoin startups in the world has been invested no more than 2, $ 1 million. Detailed statistics of venture capital investments have to Soindesk .

Personally, I like the owner of five and a half coins that I bought not at the best rate all the news very much. Sunset in the industry giants Cryptocurrency it-industry significantly reduces the risk of impairment of Bitcoin, but the rate still has room to grow and grow.

Source: habrahabr.ru/company/web_payment_ru/blog/225893/


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