40 facts about Bitcoin, after which it will become clear why they were banned in Russia

The most taboo, mysterious and alluring ... valyuta.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto - alias creator Bitcoin. The whole world is lost in the mysteries of his true identity. Satoshi made Bitcoin in the 2008th year.

2. Every day, there is approximately 3,600 new Bitcoins. Coins are the result of a process called "MiningĀ».

3. The first Bitcoin transaction is held on January 21, 2009. Satoshi turned another 100 BTC tsiferpanku and cryptography named Hal Finney.

4. to take a large number of attempts to reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, but so far without results. The latest version has caused a great stir, but it was quickly refuted.

5. For 5 years, the price of Bitcoin has risen from $ 0 to $ 1,000.

6. The first million Bitcoins was produced personally Satoshi and apparently still belongs to him. Researchers are still attempting to find wallets Nakamoto, to get on his trail, but Satoshi keeps calm.

7. In 2140 the latter will be produced Bitcoin.

8. 21 million - that is as the maximum number of Bitcoins to be ever mined. Today already produced about 12 million. The algorithm reduces the amount of production of coins found in 2 times every few years, so the process is uneven.

9. Attempts to establish a physical equivalent of Bitcoin (a coin). In fact Casascius - it is nothing like "cold wallets" printed on them holographic key code access only cast in the form factor of the coin. That coin Casascius we see all these beautiful pictures with "coins" Bitcoin.

10. Dwarf island jurisdiction of Alderney, has also announced its plans for the minting of the physical equivalents of Bitcoin.

11. Only 36% of the volume of coins produced were seen in any transaction. The remaining 64% after its introduction has yet not been used even once.

12. Unlike physical money, the whole history of moving any funds from one account to another, permanently sealed inside Blockchain - global distributed and completely open database containing details of all Bitcoin wallets in the world. < br />
13. In this code Bitcoin 77 thousand. lines of code, of which 70 thousand were written in the programming language C ++. And in the very first working version numbered 0.1.0 it was only a 14-thousand. Lines of code in C ++. This is a very small project by modern standards. For example, in the code of the Linux kernel, there are more than 15 million lines of code.

14. Journalist Bloomberg, are not familiar with the safety regulations Bitcoin, inadvertently revealed the private key (in the form of a QR-code), your Bitcoin wallet-live. What immediately paid - his money was stolen by one of the spectators, but then, according to rumors, the money was returned to the journalist.

15. A resident of Great Britain named James Houels inadvertently threw a hard drive with a key from the purse, which was (and probably still is) 7500 Bitcoins. That's roughly $ 5 million at the current rate.

16. When the pressure of WikiLeaks cut off from donations by bank transfer, the site instantly switched to receive donations Bitcoins.

17. The guy from Norway named Christopher Koch, in the year 2009 bought for $ 27 Bitcoins and forgot about them, and when he remembered his investment has risen to 886 thousand dollars.

18. The first-Bitcoin ATM was installed in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

19. the first university in the world, receiving payment in Bitcoin, was the University of Cyprus.

20. Thailand became the first country in the world to ban Bitcoin (but allowed back).

21. The biggest fall of the Bitcoin by 80% in 24 hours occurred in April 2013..

22. In September 2013, a certain amount of mixed input fields and promote the transfer and as a result posted a 0.01 BTC, while paying 80.99 BTC per transaction (about $ 50 thousand.).

23. After the information about the sharp rise in inflation in Argentina sharply risen in popularity Bitcoin. Any tsentrabankov games with the national currency facilitate the growth needs of the population in savings in using cryptocurrency. For example, the Kazakhs even asked to be patriots and vladyvat in Bitcoin.

24. In November 2013th Bitcoin price exceeded the price of gold for the first time.

25. A year after the launch of the project Bitcoin 1 BTC could be bought for 4 cents.

26. The first commercial success can be considered Bitcoin Silk Road. This site operates a network of TOR, it was possible to buy a variety of illegal goods, drugs and weapons. Bitcoin, due to its anonymous nature, was the only means of payment within the Silk Road.

27. Ross Ulbricht, the creator of Silk Road, a network existed under the pseudonym Pirate Roberts. At the time, the famous pirate that has long been elusive.

28. Inside Business Silk Road revolved around 5% of Bitcoins in existence at that time.

29. It is believed that the authorities managed to seize only 20% of all Bitcoin, were in purses controlled by Ulbricht. Keys for access to the remaining 80% of the funds are likely to be in a safe place.

30. Ulbricht arresting and confiscating funds, and the FBI became the owner of the largest purse in the world.

31. 927 people own 50% of all Bitcoin.

32. Lamborghini was the first automotive company in the world, which dealers began to take Bitcoin.

33. Skycraft Airplanes were the first to sell the aircraft (!) for Bitcoins.

34. Pizza, bought in 2010 for Bitcoins at today's exchange rate would cost $ 5 million.

35. Mel B of the group Spice Girls became the first star of the show business, the host for the Bitcoin address. And our stars, meanwhile, did not all know what the e-mail.

36. For bitkony soon be to fly into space.

37. More than $ 200 million - that is the amount of money used in the network Bitcoin transactions every day. Turnover Bitcoin network has recently exceeded the turnover of Western Union. By capitalizing on this point in the 8 billion. Dollars, Bitcoin is only slightly inferior to the annual GDP of a country like Estonia.

38. In addition to the Bitcoin has more than 150 various other cryptocurrency. Create your cryptocurrency Now everyone can.

39. Bitcoin can earn just by playing Counter Strike. The biggest prize money in the history of Starcraft 2 has also been collected through Bitcoin.

40. The largest number of active nodes in the network Bitcoin is in the US, which is by far ahead of the nearest competitor - Canada, Europe and China.

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