15 best books of 2015

Summer - the best time to escape from work, stop thinking about the problems and finally to do new and interesting reading books.

Website provides an overview of the literature 15 new products that will make your summer even more crowded.

Haruki Murakami -
"Colorless Tsukuru Tadzaki and his years of wandering»

The protagonist of the novel - a lonely man who seeks to understand his difficult past, for which he travels while passing through various tests.

Chuck Palahniuk - "to tip" on books marked "18+" - and not just. The author of "Fight Club" and this time give to the press justified the title of "King of the counterculture." The novel tells the story of a girl with a failed personal life, which is in the ambiguous relationship with perverted lover, nicknamed "The lad for menopause».

Carlos Ruiz Zafón - "Marina" mystical whodunit "Marina" Ruiz Safonov formally considered the best work of a writer. Moreover, the author considers "Marina" his best work. The novel immerses the reader in full of secrets and mysteries Barcelona with the late 70's. The protagonist - a young Oscar is alone with a local legend, and riddles which he will have to unravel.

Bernard Werber -
"A third of humanity. The Voice of the Earth "One of the books of the saga" The third of humanity. " Apocalypse, Gaia, the Earth Goddess, rises up against the people. This book, like the other novels of the writer, not just a work of art. Makes you wonder, it affects deep philosophical questions and provides the answers to them.

Frederic Beigbeder -
"Una and Salinger" another novel under the tag of "18+". His genre the author himself in his usual flamboyant style called «faction» - from the word fact em> and fiction em>. His novel Beigbeder has dedicated a love story of a young writer Jerome Salinger and daughter of famous playwright Oona O'Neill.

Boris Akunin - "Planet Water" penultimate book in the series of stories about the detective Fandorin. It consists of 3 stories: "Planet Water", "The sail lonely", "Where are we to go?". According to the author's classification is "technocratic Detective," "nostalgic Detective" and "idiotic detective».

Jack Kerouac -
"The sea - my brother. The Lone Wanderer "The first novel by a writer who has long been considered lost. The book can be traced all the features of corporate keruakovskogo style and present the main motives of the writer: nomadic lifestyle, searching for the meaning of material existence, friendship, alcohol dependence and lengthy conversations.

Jeannette Walls - "Castle of Glass" In this book, Walls tells of his childhood and growing up in a large and unusual family that practiced quite shocking methods of education. For many years, Jeannette hid his past, until I realized that the only free from secrets and shame, she can move on.

Donna Tartt - "Goldfinch" Pulitzer Prize "Book of the Year" by the online store Amazon. Roman - epic about the power of art and how it is - often not the way we want to, - the ability to turn all of our lives. This year there was in Russian.

Sally Greene - "Half the code" Roman entered the top ten most anticipated books of 2015 and did not disappoint expectations. Some compare it to the famous series of books about Harry Potter, someone - with Orwell's novel "1984". England, people, white witch - an exciting science fiction for teenagers and adults.

Eleanor Catton - "light" product of the New Zealand author Eleanor Catton, awarded the Booker Prize. This detective story soundly based on astrology. 12 "star" characters corresponding to zodiac signs, and 7 "planetary" characters - everything revolves around the "earth" character, Crosby Wells, who was killed in mysterious circumstances.

Anthony Doerr -
"All we invisible light" book Pulitzer Prize in 2015. This year came, and in Russian. Roman blind love French girls and boys from Germany on the background of the Second World War.

Narine Abgaryan -
"From the sky fell three apples»

In the centenary year of the Armenian Genocide, a book Narine Abgaryan "fell from the sky three apples", telling about Armenia, love, death, the life of a lost village in the mountains, the intersection of human lives. An interesting book with the focus.

Jaume Cabra - "I confess" Roman Spaniard Jaume Cabra left his homeland in 2011 and that same year was named one of the largest literary events. In 2015 the book appeared in Russian and 19 other languages. The novel tells the story of a man found on the declining years of Alzheimer's disease, and while memory is not left him, he tries to record all your memories.

Andre Morua - "The September rose" For the first time in Russian in 2015 there was one of the later novels of the famous writer Andre Maurois "The September rose." Known for his biographical works of Balzac, Hugo and Dumas, the author of this time describes the life of the writer, whose books are read all of France. Very tender and touching story.

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