Comfort zone. In or out

"Many of the trainings are reduced to the fact that people from California, recommends that the man from Gelendzhik to leave the comfort zone"


To study this question "to be or not to be", "comes and goes" I want people to share, of course conditionally, Dobychnyh and Neobychnyh.

If you are a child, or you yourself have not "debaucle", leave the "nest" prematurely. What to leave, if you this slot does not yet platted?

Not uperevshis, therefore to leave the comfort zone, of course it is dangerous and destructive for even the most basic of "carcass" of a person. Mean his kernel...

We are not talking at all about how this will affect his business (business is what he came up with himself, and appointed important). But the premature leaving of the nest, will definitely be bad for his health.

In many issues of becoming, we need facilities for example, the conditions and time. And time here is the key factor.

If the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, to disturb, when she straightens slowly in his "comfort zone" for the wings, they will remain crumpled and poorly suited for flight.

At this moment there is the construction, and the question "to be or not to be" does not occur in the process.

But those who stayed, you know, when it was time to "take off". It is easy to determine what your "nest" starts you actively annoy, cramping and anger.

Aggression is necessary and appropriate destructive force that you once pushed out of the womb.

Aggression is a sign that you had stayed.

Let me remind those who do not know: aggression is the same as the "creative anger", which is a motivator to action, even if that action is very gentle.

Destructive power of aggression, depends on how timely it (which begins in the depths) recognizes people.

The more he ignores her the more aggressive and less tender of his creative action.

And the more and vnezapnoe aggression, the greater the fallout. Peace is mirrored. So what could show up with a subtlety and sensitivity, a dance happens as the war.

Now, when you begin to see that destroy what was created, and that's when it's time to leave the comfort zone. You are not comfortable. You mechanically consider the comfort that what you were good yesterday.

The sooner you will hear the inner creative urge to migrate from their homes, the less aggression and depression in it, and more of outright creativity. And the world will love you back.

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Be gentle to yourself, but not in the sense of "to spare themselves", but in the sense of subtly listen to the signals from the depth to not miss a call to action.

But also keep track of if you start to walk around the action and drown out the bustle, the deeper your signal to "turn".

Somewhere between the balance of these contradictory impulses and is your present orbit there is your true comfort zone, which to leave, is never worth it. published

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Author: Natalia Walicka




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