The effect of "soul mates" or be equal to itself

As this seems difficult when it is not.

And how we fascinate people in which it is.

What does it mean to be equal to itself?

Now, tell me, I am. Am I not equal to itself?

All this is not so easy. The man is the image itself — this is its gift and its curse. People may piously believe in the fact that he, that his view of himself, and is. But when others see it differently, he was very angry. Farther this your image of yourself from reality, the more the person needs to exert power to prove the opposite.

That is, his personal power it takes to enjoy and be interesting. The more he tries to impress, the farther it is from itself authentic. This means that the effect is quite the opposite. Such a person is "shallow" in our eyes and it is increasingly difficult to hold our attention, or he "melica" can arouse our sympathy, but certainly not admiration.

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And if he's not natural in your image, but continues to try, at all costs, to prove to us the contrary, strongly insisted on its power and/or exclusivity, we still checked (felt) its falsity, and therefore inefficiency and in this. If he used to lie to myself for a long time, he can fail to see their hypocrisy, their inconsistency between the desired and actual.

But if the person, for example, "repent" in the way he is, his inner truth, for example: "I'm on stage now and worried...", "I'm lost and can't find the words...," or personal: "I'm afraid to lose you...", "I'm hurt/scared/lonely ...", "I don't understand...", then we would be honesty involved.

We would have a sincere interest, because in the moment of recognizing your inner truth, the man finally really coming. He is equal to himself, and we see it. He, recognizing what is inside becomes a real.

Importantly, in this art recognize "as it is" (as is actually the situation). After the recognition "that there is" something "that was" qualitatively shifted from the dead point. As soon as we recognize it, what we recognized is changing! This is the secret of life! Finally disappears stagnant, and there is a flow of life. This is a lot of energy.

When we deeper and deeper open your inner truth about ourselves – we are energetic and really develop. Open about myself, no matter how great or Vice versa is no respecter of persons they was not, they give us a state of "Eureka!" and this much power.

When the same efforts are going on "seem" and not "be" — we steal yourself. If we spend power on "seem", not accepting what is, the body starts to hurt. We do not affirm themselves, and this is the way to loss of energy.

The adoption of any yourself is a way of gaining energy. But the man knocks the fact that in today's appraisal world, there are "idols", and that is massively popular and recognized fashion: success, gaiety, beauty. Modern man is inclined to believe themselves, and what is promoted as values, and not having them adequately, it is trying to play.

When you have the courage to show their authenticity, it will look like the power of charisma. Even if the picture is not perfect – it will still be like us. But, not knowing what is like "picture" and what is her secret, perceiving a charismatic person can try to "repeat" to look better.

But, but alas it won't work. Imitating the stranger appearances we become more ourselves. A stranger is not yours, but his truth, his authenticity, not yours. To be equal to itself – that is the secret of strength and charisma.

For example, imagine the cat is not trying to prove you that she is a cat, her personal power is to live, not something you want to seem like a cat. To look better than it already is. So we believe her. We are always very touching and mesmerizing "charisma" of wildlife.

The secret to this is the authenticity of the translation. Broadcast that on the outside and the inside. The cat, like wood, like any natural object, equal to itself. Cat thinks "your image of yourself", she feels. From this feeling yourself, she lives as a whole and the whole itself. To live for himself and not the image itself – this is the secret of magnetism, charisma and personal power.

Therefore, no matter how great a speaker you are, but if the stage will run out to the cat or out the window flies a bird, or will even a human child of the tender age, you will not be able to compete with them. They total what are.

But when we see that a grown man can be so judgmental to yourself (or rather unbiased to its manifestations), is so natural, that we admire his nonchalance and naturalness.

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The lack of concern "not to lose face" and self-control that dominates most people, creates a field of ease and naturalness. And pause next to that person do pause, they are clean-evaluative thoughts and empty. This provided us the emptiness, such a person gives a place where we finally can hear...

With such a natural man who is not raping himself, we feel that we can relax and afford to be themselves (unless you start to try to please him).

Man is equal to himself — "do not build", not condemned. And, therefore, we will not: to rate, to rank, to edit and alter. It is so valuable! The adoption of the field, in this appraisal the world consumers are now in short supply.


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People, mostly, take each other only on conditions. Take themselves too conditional. In terms of conformity to his image of himself, with all that this image sticks out. Trying to distance itself from those who point to the discrepancies between their ideas about themselves. Removed and is a dead end road, leading to the loss of contacts, opportunities, energy, fatigue and apathy.

People can be equal to itself, you can be on the outside who we are inside, to comprehend their true nature, to develop and create.

We miss ourselves in the present and appreciate those who we have returns. So there is the condition of the house, condition of soul mates.published

Author: Natalia Walicka



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