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In Kazakhstan, there are six women of the colonies, the total number of women and girls who are serving on August 1 this year - 2901. Women's penal colony UG-157/11 in Atyrau opened three years ago, only 234 prisoners from its four areas. Correspondents Vox Populi visited women colony to tell and show readers how to live in the colony, and who they are - women, which the court has deprived of liberty.

1. All women's prison in the country - the general regime colony except in Karaganda, which contains "hodyachki" (prison slang) - repeatedly tried woman

2. Twice a day the convicts gather at the parade ground for inspection. The absence is considered a flagrant violation, for which can be put in solitary confinement. This mark in the personal undesirable because the effect on parole (parole) and transfer to a colony-settlement

3. After checking all the women go to their jobs or orders. White scarves are a mandatory part of the form

4. The conditions of stay in the HS-157/11 as close as possible to the standard female dorm. Five units in which about 50 women are placed in their blocks. In each block, in addition to bedrooms, shared teahouse, supply room, guest room. There is a common room, laundry and ironing

5. In each room lived four women. According to the statute, they have no right to sit or lie down on the bed at nine in the morning until seven at night. There ascetic and smells of bleach

6. Each unit has a team leader, an authoritative personality, able to resolve internal conflicts and maintain peaceful coexistence among several dozen women with a difficult destiny and character. Foremen teams or simply "bumps" - people with an untouchable authority. We have a deputy foreman, santroyka (sanitary triple), sergeant-orderly, assistants who are responsible for the supply room for the kitchen of the teahouse and leisure and sports section (SDS)

7. In the relaxation room convicts can be alone with yourself. Three psychologists are constantly monitoring the well-being of prisoners. Each convict an individual approach. In the area of ​​women's emotional state is extremely unstable

8. In the evenings, the women gather in front of the TV. Viewers news and soap operas, the most popular - Turkish. It should be noted that the established way of life of the colony depends on the attitude of the convicted women. Paintings on the walls made by the prisoners themselves

9. storeroom. Today released a condemnation. Workers carried her to the station. The head of the Aktyubinsk area contacted by the Center of adaptation and rehabilitation of convicted persons, asked him to help with accommodation and employment. Despite the loud laughter and joy, liberated from slipping notes of anxiety and fear "as will everything goes?»

10 most popular products in the area - Payphone card. Prisoners can not see the years of their loved ones, as many women of the family live in the neighboring regions, and not always a financial opportunity to come to a long-term appointment. And so communicate via telephone. But at such talk there is a limit. Every convicted person is entitled to a 15 minute phone call per day

11. Convicts are entirely on a government security. In addition, they have a transfer from relatives. The local grocery store once a month they can buy everything you need. Cigarettes are of importance in second place. Almost all smokers, regardless of age and status. It is not cast here start smoking. There is no other way to calm down

12. Here, in the area a special atmosphere - sincerity or hypocrisy determined immediately. Women hold 'families' members of the family do not give offense. The head of the family - the Queen and the rest of Princess

13. Bath unit operates almost every day. The administration went to meet prisoners and allowed the shower room is also equipped with the units themselves


15. The well-equipped laundry and ironing blocks

16. The medical unit. Serious illness is almost every second woman

17. Hall of the quarantine unit on the second floor. Today adaptation is only one woman. After arriving in the establishment of prisoners spend 15 days in the quarantine unit. With her immediately start working psychologists, doctors, educational department, after which it is transferred to one of the units in the normal mode, in which it is for six months. Relief is characterized in that the visits are once every three months. In light duty privileges more - permission to transfer the monthly duration goodbye to 3 days every two months, there is a meeting and incentive transfer

18. Despite the ample dining room, each unit comes in its time


20. When we were filming in the dining room, leaving one woman, cried out: "Often come, we will be better fed," while another added: "The food is okay, there will not please everyone, and bring us to the transfer, you saw a refrigerator full?»

21. fresh bread smells far beyond the bakery. The colony UG-157/11 bake the best bread of all zones of the country

22. Ira chief baker in the wild has also worked in a bakery. Bake bread - it's her calling

23. According to Baker, the secret of delicious bread - a good meal in the first grade of Kostanai region and humanity, conscientious attitude bakers

24. Ira replaced with six assistants rent rolls in 1000, and provide their neighboring colony of male

25. Baker - one of the most prestigious and remunerative work in the colony. Master baker gets 23,000 tenge

26. Every second woman has debts to the state - claims, the state duty, legal fees. Therefore, to obtain paid work, many are interested. The administration is constantly working on the issue of employment of the population of convicted of all prisoners work only 60 women. In a short time in the colony are planning to open a fish shop

27. There is a small sewing workshop on 34 women, who sews clothes for male prisoners colonies. Do not refuse to here and from third-party orders: clothing for hospitals, for the oil companies. In addition, there are economic forces subservient to the salary of 21 000 tenge - kitchen workers, janitors, foremen groups, working bath and laundry plant, librarian

28. Correctional Institution College has an enrollment of specialties such as a seamstress, cutter, pastry chef, a hairdresser. This year, awarded diplomas to 87 convicted

29. The prison library is constantly updated, this is an agreement with the State Library

30. The demand for books higher - read almost everything, mainly fiction

31. Few books on religious themes. This year Orazov initially held 60 women, but due to the hot summer (air conditioners and fans are not allowed) 30 left fasting

32. In the colony there is a section of sports and leisure (SSD), which includes a library, training in acrobatics and, of course, the organization of cultural events. This institution held the best and most costumed concerts of all zones

33. Brigadier Bibigul first group, which refers SSD, it is recognized that a lot of effort has been invested to achieve this level of the show. The administration is willing to meet, makes it possible to train, allocates money, provides training videos



36.Kostyumy and scenery prisoners with their hands do may of ribbons and sew pieces of ball gowns

37. In the evening, play an intellectual game "Field of Dreams»

38. The SSD has several girls, whose sports and dance meet demand data section

39. Olga - fizorgom (organized sports work) and choreographer SSc, age - 32 years. Article 259 - drugs.

She has stayed for more than seven years. It remains to finish 2 years and 10 months. About his personal life he does not like to talk. In another facility was malicious violator, so the parole failed. Here, in the HS - 166/11 - it is the right man, the master - golden hands: electrician, a carpenter and a specialist in welding and assembly work. All this is trained on a zone

40. In addition, Olga successfully managed section acrobatics

41. Kate is engaged in acrobatics and dance in SSc. Age 32 years. Article 259 - drugs. Term - 11 years, served 4 years 4 months.

In Aktau, where she lived, she had her own small shop clothes. She is the girlfriend of the summer to Turkey for the goods. Then he decided to bring ecstasy tablets are not for sale but for personal use. Now her two daughters remained in the care of 63-year-old mother-pensioner. The last time she saw them two and a half years ago, my mother is not possible to bring a long-term appointment subsidiaries. Now she sees only on a photo, how to grow her daughter. Katya understand exactly what any pleasure in life is not worth it to exchange it for the opportunity to educate their children the most. After three years, she hopes to release on parole. After the expiry date, she wants to devote himself to daughters. The colonies are frequent correspondence with convicted men. But Kate does not want to start a relationship. There, on the loose, everything is easier. People loved you, loved, and then out of love, but it is disappointing, even in the wild tolerated with difficulty. And here, in the area, though a wolf howl, nothing to close the gap. Therefore, it is crushed in all the women's feelings and dreams only to see their children more often - at least once in six months

42. The approximate age of the employees of the administration of the colonies from 20 to 30 years. 90% - a women's team, as a rule, most unmarried. Permanent employment at work does not allow many to engage in personal life

43. Head unit Botagoz Nurhanova 28 years. It works from the opening day of the colony.

- When I came to work here, I thought, "What am I doing here?", It was really scary - says Botagoz. - The turning point came when I had to give moral support to one conclusion. Once you realize that they are ordinary women who simply need to understand

44. Prisoners are turning to Botagoz word "mother", so called all the chiefs of symbolic units. Of all the chiefs of staff of administration units are closest to zechkam. Together with the foreman, he coordinates and monitors compliance regime. Communication between the "mothers" and zechkami in this area are primarily human character. Broken the fate of some female prisoners is sympathy and understanding from their bodyguards. Over time, virtually forced to live the problems of their wards, write their characteristics, to submit to the courts. "Mom" - a link between the prisoners and senior officers

45. The administration seeks, writes positive characteristics of convicts with good behavior. But, nevertheless, the last word is always a judge. Through the courts are not many reasons for this is enough: the outstanding debt, the lack of, or on the contrary, a large number of incentives, short time of his release, serious criminal record. Most frequent judicial evasion: "What is different from the rest of the convicts?»

46. ​​The main items on which women enter here: 259 - sale, possession and distribution of drugs, 177 - fraud, and 96 - the murder on home soil, and much less, infanticide

47. The photo copy of one of their SMS roommate convicted, he sent this message to her on the day of judgment. The girl took the blame the guy for himself, first as an accomplice was. As a result, serving 5 years for house fraud. Convict pleads guilty, but being in the walls of the colony reaches to the man who pushed her to the fraud, put

48. Prisoners are entitled to visits: two short, four hours long - for three days. It is also possible to see prisoners in open day

49. The controller in the room inspection and visits (DTP) Gulim Kushenova accepts documents from a man who came to the long-term meeting with his wife

- Most visit convicts - kazashek - says Gulim. - Come children, relatives. Bring food, clothing, detergents

50. At the entrance to the women's colony hanging stand with photographs of items prohibited for transfer

51. The meeting room space - a room without a shade of gloom. All the furniture - wardrobes, tables, made immediately, without leaving the area. Came and convicted provided all the conditions for a long goodbye: a separate room, kitchen, lounge, shower

52. Nina, age 61 years old. Article 259 - drugs. Term - 10 years. He served one year and six months.

My husband and granddaughter came to her for the first half of the year. In the area has proved exceptionally good side. He suffered several heart operations. Live from the colony does not hope to get out. There have been attempts suicide

53. - My son is serving a sentence for the same article - says Nina. - After him during the investigation, DEA officers began to beat, I began to write numerous complaints, the application to stop the bullying. I threatened, if not stopped, will soon also find myself behind bars. I continued to write, and soon the police "accidentally" found a few grams of heroin in my bed ... so I ended up here. She tried to kill herself, but I was stopped. No, you do not think the conditions here and the normal attitude of the administration, but it is psychologically difficult

54. Raim, age 40 years. Article 259 - drugs. For 10 years, served 3 years and 2 months.

- Nine years ago, her husband died - says Raim. - I was left with three small children, the youngest daughter was 8 months old, retired parents. I was the only breadwinner in the family. A few years later he took up with a man. Helped money on the farm - we had our own cattle. Then I decided to expand the store with groceries. He sold the shop and started the construction of the promised loan from the bank has not received. So I was left without a business and income. It started selling fruit in the yard, and a roommate, meanwhile, has established distribution of heroin. Roommate gave 10 years of strict regime, I was imprisoned for complicity

55. - Could see my mother for the second time in three years - says Alim, the eldest daughter Raim. - As soon as I ended the contract with the company, I immediately brought the younger long-term meeting with her mother

56. Alim is a manager of a furniture store in marriage. With patch 60 000 tenge, Alim is now the sole breadwinner of the family. She recently produced a younger brother and sister to school, bought clothes and stationery. She wants to return to Aktobe, to be closer to family and often to visit her mother. Alim worried about the health of the mother - in the area of ​​her eyesight deteriorated rapidly - was minus twenty, and was diagnosed with tuberculosis. When asked about his personal life answers evasively, he decided not to make friends and not to marry until my mother freed

57. This year, translating abolished in the colony-settlement sentenced for especially grave crimes. Mothers who commit murder on domestic violence or women forced associated with drug trafficking, after serving his full term away from children, who are often in the care of elderly grandparents or children domah.Tak that are most likely to parole after serving 2/3 of the term

Some of the women prisoners have agreed to share his story:

58. Vera, age 30 years. Article 96 - murder. Term of 6 years, served 2 years, 9 months.

She got married, gave birth to daughters. They lived happily and well, but soon her husband started rukoprikladstvovat, for seven years, she endured his severe. Daughters saw drunken father immediately went to sleep, so much afraid of him. Husband in the intoxication was extremely cruel, he could grab or daughters Faith and beat his head against the wall, hit any object, which he came to hand. Threatened with an ax, he kicked, thrown out of the house. Even the beating of his relatives - his mother raised a hand. It all ended with a knife in the heart. And faith does not remember how it happened, wants to remember under hypnosis. The children were in the care of her sick mother. The aggrieved party has no claims. Vera wrote to the Supreme Court, the attorney general, filed a petition to the President - all to no avail

59. Hope, age 24 years old. Article 96 - murder. The period of 11 years, served 3 years, 1 month.

She lived and worked as a nanny in Astana, studied at the accountant. Then, because of financial difficulties he moved to the small village of Aktobe oblast.

Age 25 years.



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