How to choose arrows for your eye shape and look perfect

Eyes — the main weapon of every girl. But many sometimes forget that different kinds of eyes we need an individual approach is the only way to create a flawless look that will be long remembered by all men in your way.

The website has prepared for you a little cheat sheet that will help you understand which hands to choose and how to draw them.

Almond eyes

How do you know that you have almond-shaped eyes?All the corners of the eyes, namely, internal and external, are located on the same level, and the distance between the two inner angles is equal to the length of the eye.

To draw attention to the beautiful curve of the eye shape, draw a thin line from the inner corner and extend it to the outside, but it is better not marry him. So the eye and visually expand the look will become more expressive.

Overhanging upper eyelid

This type of eye an extra layer of skin down to the crease of the eyelid, causing the eye seem smaller. So you need to add more volume.

Perfect eyeliner for those eyes — wide, covering the whole bottom area of the century to the eyelashes. In this case, the darker the eyeliner, the better.

Wide-set eyes

If the distance between the eyes greater than the width of one eye, it is widely planted type.

To visually reduce the distance, you need to bring a fully upper eyelid and lower eyelid from the middle of the eye. In this display the arrow for the external area is not necessary. Also, tinting the upper and lower lashes, better brush them to the side of the nose.

Large eyes

Large (round) eyes are quite expressive, but they lack mindalevidne. The main objective here is to extend.

To do this, move the upper eyelid, bringing (about a centimeter) line arrows on the crease in the corner of your eye. By the way, this shape eyes perfect smoky make-up (Smokey eyes).

Oblong eyes

Elongated eyes are considered to be incredibly sexy, but the arrow for such eyes need to draw very carefully, so as not to inadvertently accentuate the eyes already. To visually enlarge them, the line of the arrow should be applied at some distance from the lash and gently smudge.

A white pencil draw a thin strip of skin between the eye and the eyelashes. And black accentuate the upper lid, thickening the line slightly in the Central part.

Close-set eyes

Close-set eyes are those the distance between which is less than the width of one eye. The main function of the makeup for this eye shape is to visually make the eyes look more open.

It is necessary to make the transition from light shades to dark on the outer corner. Start to draw the arrow, digressing a little from the inner corner of the eye. The tail of the arrow must go beyond age, a little lifting.

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