5 basic techniques of eye makeup, which is to develop each girl

Today, there are so many options of eye makeup, it is difficult not to get lost in this diversity.

The website decided to turn to a professional stylist to tell, and most importantly, showed what are the basic techniques of makeup and on what to choose based on the individual characteristics of the eye and the reason for the release.

Vertical technique

This technique is most suitable for narrow eyes, as visually make them wider. With its help you can create both day and evening makeup depending on the color chosen of the shadows and intensity of their application. In the first case will be the actual color from the same color group, the second valid contrasting to create a striking image. Outer corner of the eye should be the darkest.

Horizontal technique

This method of applying makeup will be relevant for owners of a round, bulging eyes — he elongate and pull them. The shadows apply and shade horizontally. So makarom look good hands.

Classical (mixed) technique

With such a technique, the shadows are applied simultaneously on vertical and horizontal scheme. In the classical technique of makeup is most often used shades of eye shadow one color.

Pencil technique

Using the pencil technique you can visually adjust the shape any eye. Based on the individual characteristics of the pencil puts a "framework" for future blending, which aligns the eyes. Nail brush should be sufficiently hard and dense, its surface was flat. You can darken the eyes.

Smoky eyes

Since the main principle of this technique is the creation of the effect "smoky" eye, special attention should be given to shading, to create smooth transitions of shadows. Smoky eyes have long ceased to be solely an evening makeup, but to create the day you must choose pencils a calm, natural tones, and shadows are not shiny, but matte. Because the emphasis is on the eyes, when choosing lipstick, it is recommended to opt for nadovich shades.

Model: Anastasia way Anastasia Zamulina

Make-Up Artist: Rima Zainetdinova

Photos on the preview Depositphoto
Photographer: Roman Zakharchenko specifically for the Website

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