14 cool ideas for packing gifts by February 14

It seems to pack a gift very easy, but do it with taste much better than just wrap it in beautiful paper.

The website presents to your attention a selection of ideas how to pack a gift for Valentine's Day. Remember: she increases the value of your gift at least twice.


Decorate the box fresh or artificial flowers to make a signature — what could be more romantic. No matter what flowers can decorate the living, and can do them with your hands.


The hearts in any kind of decorate gift packaging. You can draw, cut, make them voluminous suitable to write on their wishes or recognition. The recipient will be very pleased.

Bows, paint, and confetti

Pack your gift in a beautiful paper and add a couple of touches: a drizzle of good contrasting colors, sprinkle confetti and tie a bow. This gift will be glad to any.

Fabric and lace

Very simple and at the same time very nice to pack a gift in this way.

For the most serious intentions

For those who Valentine's Day decided to make a serious step that will fit this packaging for a gift, but with it will have to sit longer than the previous one.

Letters and numbers

Great use of colored tape: you can draw the initials of your spouse or, for example, the date of your acquaintance. And generally anything that you can imagine.

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