Photos from the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

Continue to look fresh photos from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Victory, falling tears ...

A group of fans for the Canadian hockey team stand in line for hot dogs after the match United States - Canada in Vancouver. Team USA won 5-3. (Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images)

Athletes train before competitions in ski jumping on 22 February. (FRANCK FIFE / AFP / Getty Images)

Team USA hockey team celebrates victory over Canada with a score of 5-3. (LUIS ACOSTA / AFP / Getty Images)

Fans of the Canadian hockey team enjoyed a goal scored. Match the US team won with a score of 5-3. (CRIS BOURONCLE / AFP / Getty Images)

American Lindsey Vonn during slalom on 18 February. (OLIVIER MORIN / AFP / Getty Images)

Canadian silver medalist Marianne St-Gele crying at the awards ceremony after the competition in short track on February 17. (YURI KADOBNOV / AFP / Getty Images)

Mo Tae-Bum (right) from South Korea and Shani Davis of the United States shared the first and second place in the competition in speed skating at the 1000 meters in Richmond. (DIMITAR DILKOFF / AFP / Getty Images)

Noelle Barahona of Chile fell near the finish line during the event on February 17th. (FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP / Getty Images)

Romanian Edith Miklos lifted by helicopter after a fall. (OLIVIER MORIN / AFP / Getty Images)

Swiss Dominique Gisin falls during competitions on ski slopes in Whistler on February 17th. (AP Photo / Luca Bruno)

Dutch gold medalist Mark Tuitert after the race at 1,500 meters on February 20. (AP Photo / Mat Dunham)

Italian Federica and Massimo Scali perform at Ice Dance February 20 on the eve of the original program. (VINCENZO PINTO / AFP / Getty Images)

The match between the national curling Norway and Denmark on February 20. (ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images)

Start of women's biathlon at 12, 5 km. (AP Photo / Matthias Schrader)

Team Canada players go on the ice to warm up before the match against the United States. (AP Photo / Matt Slocum)

Skiers compete in cross-country ski on Mount Cypress on 21 February. (MARTIN BUREAU / AFP / Getty Images)

Janne Ahonen of Finland fall after landing on the individual competition on February 20. (DON EMMERT / AFP / Getty Images)

Women's Biathlon 12, 5 km. (FRANCK FIFE / AFP / Getty Images)

Gold Medalist Torah Bright of Avtralii on the podium for the ceremony after the competition Half Pipe 1 9fevralya. (TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA / AFP / Getty Images)

Nina Li of China's trains before February 19 freestyle. (ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP / Getty Images)

Athlete fulfills leap ahead of the competition on February 19 freestyle. (ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP / Getty Images)

Norway's Ann Kristin Flatlann involved in the final biathlon 12 km 5 in Whistler. (DON EMMERT / AFP / Getty Images)

Andrew Vaybraht from the US goes the distance to compete in the super-G. (FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP / Getty Images)

The Olympic flame is visible through the bars of the fence. (DIMITAR DILKOFF / AFP / Getty Images)

American Evan Lysacek performs in the short program on 18 February. (AP Photo / David J. Phillip)

American Bode Miller after crossing the finish line in a super slalom. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

Canadian cheerleader February 18 looking female speed skating race at the 1000 meters in Vancouver. (AP Photo / Chris Carlson)

Dindon Lastselles Rush and Brown on his «CAN-1" from Canada overturned in the second round of the competition on February 20 deuces. (AP Photo / Ricardo Mazalan)

In this photo with multiple exposure American Mirai Nagasu in training on February 21 ice «Pacific Coliseum» in Vancouver. (YURI KADOBNOV / AFP / Getty Images)

The US women's hockey team gathered at the gates before the match against Finland on 18 February. (POOL / AFP / Getty Images)


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