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Terms of makeup: professional beauty tips.
Beautiful makeup, as you know - the art and master it wants every girl. Therefore, you should learn about the rules to be followed in applying makeup to make it look perfect.

1. Do not use a pencil to color the eyebrows
With very few exceptions, the results of the actions look, at least not very well. If you think that you need to emphasize eyebrows, use instead of a pencil thin brush and powder, the color closest to the color of your hair. Eyebrows will look more natural than if you place them in pencil.

2. Do not apply makeup on dry skin
This rule seems very simple, is not it regularly violated. A common misconception is that makeup can hide skin dryness. On the contrary, after applying makeup flakes of dry skin become more visible than ever. To avoid this trouble, make regular exfoliation and always apply moisturizer before makeup.

3. Do not use the wrong foundation color
This is one of the most frequently violate the right makeup. The basis should not create the effect of sunburn - leave this task bronzer. The purpose of using the basics - make the natural color of your skin smoother and conceal skin imperfections. Before buying a basis to test your jaw line and not on the hand - so you can choose the most suitable color. The less visible foundation on the skin, the better it is for you.

4. Do not try to "sculpt" the face with makeup
Makeup opportunities are limited. Of course, every woman would like to have high expressive cheekbones. But if you were not born with them, you have them never will be - unless you ventured into the appropriate plastic surgery. With regard to the changing contours of the face with a blush and highlighter such only by professionals, but even their options are limited. Independent attempts to raise or lower the nose cheekbones using makeup usually give deplorable results.

5. Do not use a black pencil outline day
Dark colors reduce eye in daylight, this effect is especially noticeable. Use bright colors and a good mascara - it's enough to "open the" eyes. If you really want to bring the lower eyelid dark color, use brown pencil. Black leave for the evening - in artificial light it will give your eyes a special expressiveness.

6. Do not attempt to augment the lips using eyeliner
One of the most common recommendations, according to which, in order to visually enlarge the lips, you just need to draw the outline of a little more natural contour of the lips, of course, makes sense. However, this is easier said than done. In 99.9% of cases, this method is very noticeable and unattractive. Do it properly and transparently is very difficult, and it is better not to risk it, unless you do not want to look like Pamela Anderson in the early '90s. If you still want to try, at least, choose liner the same shade as the lipstick, and when you paint lipstick, be very careful not to put it beyond the drawn contour.

7. Do not be tempted sentimental feelings towards mascara
You can love her very much and considered the best in the world, to a maximum of four months of using it must be discarded. Every time you open the tube and pulls out her magic brush, bacteria have free access to their favorite damp and dark environment. Furthermore, the air gets into the tube, because of which the ink starts to go to the eyelashes unaesthetic lumps. Unusual smell and clumps of mascara is a sure sign that the ink has deteriorated.

8. Do not get carried away lyuminayzerami
It happens to everyone: you try a new product, come delighted with the results, start using it every day, and in increasing numbers. Lyuminayzery really give the skin a light shining through them face looks fresh and rested - but only at a very moderate use. If we impose too much lyuminayzera, you become like a stranger with a strange glow and very oily skin. Generally, originally lyuminayzery intended only for two seats - for cheeks and inner corners of the eyes. Apply them in very small amounts, especially in the afternoon. Excess lyuminayzera day "highlights" the slightest flaws of your skin.

9. Lips or eyes: choose one
No matter how beautiful your eyes and lips, what a wonderful lipstick is stored in your cosmetic bag, and a perfect combination of eye shadow you come up with - will have to make a choice. If you do focus on eyes and lips at the same time, the person will look too artificial and hard. Imagine a clever, expressive smoky eye makeup. Now imagine how it combines, for example, bright red lips. It is unlikely you want to look like that. Therefore, to the bright eye makeup lipstick Pick neutral colors. If you paint the lips bright color, apply the shadow on the eyelids skin tones or limit only ink.

Terms of makeup: step by step instructions
Before you start doing makeup, apply a moisturizer to the skin and lips - nourishing balm. If necessary, remove the excess with a paper towel.
Apply concealer on the skin under the eyes, around the nose and wings on any area of ​​redness and pigmentation disorders.
Apply foundation - foundation or powder. Than it is to use - you decide; As a rule, the cream is suitable dry and normal skin and oily skin is better to use powder. All kinds of bases recommended to apply a large brush and a circular motion. Do not apply powder over the foundation - which in most cases has the effect of a mask.
Now you can paint the eyes. Traditionally, eye makeup make using three shades of eye shadow, but this rule can move. For example, a color dark shadows upper eyelids at the lash line and apply a little on top of a transparent powder - so you better distribute the shade and secure result. If necessary, the top can impose more shadows, and then fix the result powder.
Nakraste eyelashes. Curl them or not - your business (but remember that too intensely dedicated eyes may be out of place in a make-up day). With a brush first apply mascara on the tips of the lashes and then apply it over the entire length - it makes it easier to paint over the lashes. For maximum effect, it is recommended to apply two coats of mascara. You can use both the extension and bulk ink, but in order to avoid unwanted chemical reactions better that it was a brand of mascara.
Lipstick is best applied with a small brush - it provides the most stable result. If you are using a neutral color lipstick, draw the outline of the lips is not necessary. It is necessary to choose a bright lipstick contour pencil, the most suitable color. If this pencil is not, better to do without him than doing too light or dark path.




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