Celebrities without make-apa

Continuing the theme of celebrities without plaster, write five stars, which, in my humble opinion, could well afford to go without make-up without the risk of tomorrow to see his face in the newspapers with oily caption: "Shocking! XXX has shown its true face »

Jessica Biel

It is possible that a spouse Jess Justin Timberlake pecked at its trend teeth. It is not known whose efforts Beale acquired large and smooth upper teeth - the nature or the dentist - but with a plump lower lip they make her smile bright childish. In addition, it has a slightly upturned nose. Without makeup Jessica looks younger than his actual age, it can be mistaken for a young girl, and yet she is already 31. But with the makeup, this effect is lost

Diane Kruger

Although the nature and gave her full lips, she compensated for this beautiful high forehead and a pleasant smile. Diana also looks younger when not painted. Kruger often appears before the paparazzi without makeup, often without stacking, but it still has not been criticized

Gisele Bundchen

Do not rule out that someone says: vkusovschina, many consider it unattractive. I like it too, do not like makeup, especially when the sums lower eyelid dark, becomes like a collective farm. And with fresh-Face it reminds me of sweet fox

Marion Cotillard

Many female owner bulging eyes tend to adjust this feature with makeup. Marion also does this, but mostly for special occasions. In everyday life it is very rare color eyes, and rightly so - its beauty is not typical, but "juicy" and does not need retouching

Cotillard ventured even to withdraw without a make-up for the cover of Vanity Fair

Megan Fox

As Marion, Megan almost never painted, leaving the street. But the sight of wanting to photograph her, she somehow looks surly and tries to hide her face. Do not be shy, Meg, you're beautiful and cosmetics, and without it!


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