Actors and actresses mnogostanochnik

Somehow we have already talked about the wonders of makeup turns actors and actresses in a totally dissimilar characters. Today, let's talk about where they had to play more than one role in the same film.

Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks) has played as many as six roles in the film "Cloud Atlas". In one role each of the six episodes.

The same role was and Halle Berry (Halle Berry) in this picture.

Agree, is the transformation of Hugh Grant (Hugh Grant), all in the same "Cloud Atlas" is worthy of the many roles!

Hugo Weaving (Hugo Weaving) «spread" roles got even more dramatically: demon nurse killer.

For the role in the film "Dr. Strangelove," the actor Peter Sellers (Peter Sellers) was nominated in 1964 for "Oscar". He played the president, and the military doctor.


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