80-year-old grandmother asked her granddaughter to make up and become internet sensation!

When 80-year-old Livia turned to his granddaughter, Thea professional vizazhistka Flego, she "just wanted something new." However, the result of Thea struck not only the Libya, but also thousands of people who have seen photos of her make-apa on the internet! Vizazhistka from Croatia showed how clever use of decorative cosmetics can "turn down" a person 20 years of age. Make-up of Libya just amazing! < Website in awe of her grandmother the idea, which is now called only as Glam-Ma ( "glamorous mommy") and talent of her granddaughter, proved once again that there is no such thing as "too old to ..."

«She wanted something new"

Apply contour litsa

«I love my grandma!" - Thea very proud babushkoy

«Get recognized all over the world, living in a nursing home - it's incredibly important for Libya!"

Glam-Ma enjoys his populyarnostyu
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In turn, grandmother granddaughter helped to find new subscribers and klientov

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