10 Incredibly Young Grandmothers, in which age is hard to believe

January 21, Bulgaria will be called the winner of the beauty contest among ... grandparents, and participants easily give a head start to any young "Miss". Consider, for example, who will represent Russia:. Peterburzhenka Elizabeth Homeland , which has become a grandmother in October 2015, almost two months before his 38th birthday

Elizabeth (left) and her 20-year-old daughter, Anna - a singer, performing in a duo called


Perfect candidate for the title of "Mrs. Grandma Universe 2016" has given rise Anews.com show you other startlingly young grandmothers of the world, including among celebrities.

Elena Tveritneva

I became a grandmother 42 years

And this is the most beautiful grandmother in 2009, the universe - 47-year-old (at the time) the prosecutor of Rostov-on-Don. She says that it is not dieting and is not interested in salon treatment, and energy and it gives youth fitness.

Interestingly, during the recording of the contest Elena had two grandchildren, and literally on the eve of the final output on the podium learned about the birth of the third, and this added to her courage.

Natalia Knyazkova

I became a grandmother at age 29

Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia A resident herself had her first child at age 15, and her daughter - even a year earlier. In 2015, they became the main characters of the tabloids and talk shows, became famous throughout the country as "the young Russian grandmother" and one of the young mothers.

Suzie Sanchez

I became a grandmother 37 years

And how do you find such beauty? In 2011, the mother of three children not only became a grandmother for the first time, and realized her dream - successfully passed competitive selection in ... cheerleaders soccer team ( "Oakland Raiders"). Thus, Susie was the only one in the whole of America-grandmother cheerleaders!

Corrie Rowland

I became a grandmother at 33

Meet one of the youngest British grandmothers: Corrie (left) gave birth to a daughter in 16 years. After 17 years, she gave her grandson. (In the photo Bethany on the last month of pregnancy).

"I am not ashamed of the fact that we both gave birth in their teens, as a child - it's always a hope and a new beginning," - says a young grandmother. On the left - 16-year-old Corrie and her daughter, to the right - 33-year-old Corrie with her grandson


And here is the star grandmother - maybe not such early age as the previous three heroines, but certainly young in appearance

. Alena Babenko

I became a grandmother at 43,

About the new status of Honored Artist of Russian press found out in September 2015, the first of its peers. Continued the kind of a 23-year-old son Alena Nikita.

Svetlana Bondarchuk

I became a grandmother at age 47

December 28 the Russian model, TV presenter, fashion expert and the wife of the director Fyodor Bondarchuk celebrated the 50th anniversary. But looking at these pictures, it is difficult to believe that we will see a grandmother with her granddaughter.

Nargiz Zakirov

I became a grandmother at 43,

One of the most memorable singers on the Russian stage, the finalist of the show "The Voice" could claim the title of "the most extravagant grandmother».

Her grandson Noah was born in America in September 2014, but due to the tight tour schedule Nargiz first met him when he was already the fourth month. Next to her daughter Sabina (pictured far right) and her husband, the singer seems to be a young Thumbelina next to the giants.

Jade Jagger

I became a grandmother 42 years

In 2014, the famous daughter of British rocker Mick Jagger and his wife, model Bianca riveted the attention, having given birth to a child almost simultaneously with its own 21-year-old daughter (pictured right) and thus becoming immediately and grandmother (the first time) and mom (third time).

Involuntarily the question arises: who is the youngest grandmother in the land? It seems that the record has not been broken since 2011 and put it ...

Rifka Stanescu

Became a grandmother at 23, 25-year-old Rifka a 2-year-old grandson:

This Romanian Gypsy woman gave birth to daughter Maria 12 years old, and she, in turn, has got a son at 11. However, in the Roma community as early marriage and childbirth in a certain sense, even welcome: very young wife and mother so give to their husbands "as a gift" his integrity and "locked" from all other men. By the way, Rifki grandson already "betrothed" in 2 years with 8-year-old bride. If the marriage takes place in the future and it will have children, then Stanescu has all chances to become the youngest grandmother in the world.

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