Saved things during the fire. Part 2.

If your house was burning, what would you learned from him? Always question "What to take?" The fact that more practical, more valuable or closer? The fact that you can take with you can tell about you, after all these things reflect your interests, past and priorities.
Part 1.

Name: Nathan Gustave Johnson / Gretchen Hale Hayntselman
Age: 31/28
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Occupation: teacher / nurse
• Oil paintings farm grandfather Nathan made his pratetkoy and presented to Nathan and Gretchen for a wedding
• Rifle Ruger Red Label and Benelli Nova, which Nathan used to hunt duck, grouse, goose and pheasant
• A pair of traps on the ducks that Nathan made himself
• Shoes that Gretchen's parents bought her in Wyoming on the way to college in Alberta, Canada
• Gretchen favorite silk scarf that her mother bought
• Passports
• Bracelets
• Dogs - boxer and American bulldog Kedzia Otto

Name: Johanna Nyberg
Age: 19 years
Location: Uppsala
Occupation: Student art faculty
• Turntables
• Vinyl Records mother
• The camera
• Grandma's glasses
• My favorite mug
• Bear
• External disc
• Own pictures

Name: Tiffany Dyer
Age: 22 year
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Occupation: student of photos
• A box with memorabilia
• Dog (instead collar pictured)
• 6 notebooks
• Notebook
• External hard drive
• Bible
• Telephone
• The camera Canon AE-1 + 3 lens
• Rosie Rabbit childhood

Name: Claudia Osiek
Age: 34 year
Location: Goya, Brazil
Occupation: Photographer
• My children Duda and Rafa
• Their friends Charlie and Laura
• The handset
• Flashlight
• The camera

Name: Loria Crews
Age: 32 year
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts
• The camera
• Iphone
• Favorite pots
• Album with wedding photos
• External hard drive
• Memories of a son - a ball
• Blanket son - without him I would not leave the house
• Blanket daughter

Name: Rachel
Age: 28
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Occupation: Senior Manager
• Green Box: there is correspondence between me and my best friend in 1994, as well as letters and postcards the last 20 years
• Collar (my dog ​​that I had from 7 to 22 years old)
• Envelopes: they have my birth certificate, papers on the adoptive parents and the documents on the citizenship
• Children's Album: the essential items and pictures. I gave them to my mother last year
• My baby blanket.
• Passport, which also has a mark on the travel abroad which can not be recovered
• Hard disk: with photos, videos, documents
• Telephone
• Keys
• Wallet
• Points

Name: TA
Age: 31 year
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
• Shotgun
• Ammunition
• Foreign currency
• Watch my father
• Talon the bank
• Car keys
• Birth certificate
• Hard disk

Name: Luc Le Goff
Age: 40 years
Location: Paris
Occupation: fashion designer dreams
• Own Butt
• My favorite man
• My photos
• My Pictures
• My Computer

Name: Dzhanayna Cecina
Age: 21 year
Location: Santa Maria, Brazil
Occupation: student of advertising
• Backpack
• Favorite CD "The Beatles»
• Flashlight and m & m's
• Notepad and notebook
• The camera
• Nintendo DS
• Tablets
• Ipod + headphones AKG
• Charlie Brown Teddy
• Handles
• My favorite comic Craig Thompson

Name: Olivier Venhuk
Age: 29 years
Location: Nantes, France
Occupation: Engineer
• Something to check out "The Little Prince»
• Something to listen: discs Muse, Manu
• Something to travel: headset, card, passport and flight magazine
• Something to photograph: Nikon D7000 with lenses
• Something to keep in touch: Phone

Name: Ales Moraves
Age: 20 years
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Occupation: Student of the Faculty of Architecture and Design
• A baseball glove and ball
• Sunglasses
• My favorite T-shirt New Zealand
• Badge
• Handle grandmother 1902
• Album for drawing with crayons
• Knife
• Passport
• i-Pad with headphones
• The camera Canon EOS 500D with 17-50 mm lens
• Lenses 70-300mm
• The Book of Signs from my teacher from New Zealand

Name: Aaron Birtalan
Age: 22 year
Location: The Hague, Netherlands, Budapest, Hungary
Occupation: rocker
Necessary things:
• Passport and wallet
• Notepad
• Pencils, pens, markers
• screwdriver / bottle opener / small saw - all in one
• Flashlight head
• Spare glasses
• The handset
• Clock
• Replacement shirt
• Bible
• Tobacco (including paper and filters)
Favorite things:
• My favorite book is the late 80s (in Hungarian)
• Portable console
• Bundle of the most terrible of cigarettes that are just there in our city
• Souvenir - a ring from the "Lord of the Rings»
• Photo mother when she was 23 years old

Name: Daniel Smelanski
Age: 14 years
Location: Boston
Occupation: high school student
• Favorite book ("Mouse", "The Little Prince", "Animal Farm»)
• The camera is Nikon N75
• 2 film
• External hard drive
• iPod
• Phone
• Points
• notebook
• sketch pad
• markers
• working draft
• three cats (only 1 in the photo)
• Nikon D50 (not pictured)

Name: Abby
Age: 24 year
Location: Brooklyn
Occupation: writer
• Keys to the apartment, office, at home moms
• iPod
• Phone
• a laptop (with photos, music, work)
• medicines
• money and card
What is not in the photo:
• loved the guy who most likely already be on the street
• bracelet sister (I never rented)
• Tattoo Massachusetts (so to me)

Name: Jean-Michel Vigo
Age: 49 years
Location: Nice, France
Occupation: civil servant
• Three special pocket books
• Three galaxy (Rimbaud, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky)
• Essays of Montaigne, the third volume (published in 1935)
• Album Audrey Hepburn
• Disc: Violin Concerto BWV 1041, Bach, Goldberg Variations by Glenn Gould (1981)
• The recorder
• Letters and postcards
• A black notebook and diary
• Utilities PC Backup
• Very small shell
• USB-flash drive
• The camera is Nikon
• Wallet (it identity, right)
• music book

Name: Paul Mading Quay
Age: 22 year
Location: Cauda, ​​Sudan
Occupation: farmer
• Machete
• My favorite T-shirt
• Wooden bracelet
• Bucket and bowl
• Hoe
• A bottle of water

Name: Frida Vega Salomonsson
Age: Unknown
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation: Student
• Rabbit Tinlin
• The camera Konica Pop
• External disc
• MacBook
• Headphones
• iPhone
• Passport
• My favorite blouse
• The book I'm reading
• My picture with the newly born baby brother and a camera

Name: Laura Brown
Age: 32 year
Location: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Teacher
• The quilt that my mother bought at a discount, when I was a little
• A box with old photos and favorite trivia
• Favorite love letter
• Old handkerchiefs
• Postcard from a friend Katie from school
• pincushion from her mother
• Photo deceased aunt Helen framed
• Bag of beads from her great-grandmother
• Kermit the Frog
• Leather Wallet grandmother
• Shell Pope, which he brought back from a long trip
• Ring from parents, a gift to the prom

Name: Margo Number
Age: 18 years
Location: Rennes, France
Occupation: Student
• Violin
• MacBook
• iPhone
• Pictures of friends
• Photos that I made in Albania (left)
• Photos taken by my father when he was younger (right)
• Black notebook
• Guitar
• Polaroid
• Cat
• Two rings

Name: Vincent Rock
Age: 34 year
Location: Montpellier, France
Occupation: photographer, videographer
• The camera Canon Eos 7D + 10-22 mm
• Camera Canon Powershot G10
• Portable Hard Drive with works
• Notebook (I'm nobody without him)
• Waterproof mobile generator +
• Flashlight head + generator
• Universal Tool + mikrolampa
• My favorite knife
• Shoes
• The key to the car
• Handle
• Book



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