What to take from a burning house (20 photos)

What people take with them out of the house in case of fire. People usually try to save the most valuable.

1. Name: Aron Birtalan

Age: 22 year

Location: The Hague, Netherlands / Budapest, Hungary

Occupation: rocker


Necessary things:

• Passport and wallet

• Notepad

• Pencils, pens, markers

• Screwdriver / can opener / small saw - all in one

• Flashlight head

• Spare glasses

• The handset

• Clock

• Replacement shirt

• Bible

• Tobacco (including paper and filters)

Favorite things:

• My favorite book is the late 80s (in Hungarian)

• Portable console

• Bundle of the most terrible of cigarettes that are just there in our city

• Souvenir - a ring from the "Lord of the Rings»

• Photo mother when she was 23 years old

2. First name: Jean-Michel Vigo

Age: 49 years

Location: Nice, France

Occupation: civil servant


• Three special pocket books

• Three galaxy (Rimbaud, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky)

• Essays of Montaigne, the third volume (published in 1935)

• Album Audrey Hepburn

• Disc: Violin Concerto BWV 1041, Bach, Goldberg Variations by Glenn Gould (1981)

• The recorder

• Letters and postcards

• A black notebook and diary

• Utilities PC Backup

• Very small shell

• USB-flash drive

• The camera is Nikon

• Wallet (it identity, right)

• music book

3. Name: Johanna Nyberg

Age: 19 years

Location: Uppsala

Occupation: student art faculty


• Turntables

• Vinyl Records mother

• The camera

• Grandma's glasses

• My favorite mug

• Bear

• External disc

• Own pictures

4. Name: Paul Mading Quay

Age: 22 years

Location: Cauda, ​​Sudan

Occupation: farmer


• Machete

• My favorite T-shirt

• Wooden bracelet

• Bucket and bowl

• Spud

• A bottle of water

5. Name: Frida Vega Salomonsson

Age: Unknown

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Occupation: Student


• Rabbit Tinlin

• The camera Konica Pop

• External disc

• MacBook

• Headphones

• iPhone

• Passport

• My favorite blouse

• The book I'm reading

• My photo with the newly born baby brother and a camera

6. Name: Laura Brown

Age: 32 year

Location: Portland, Oregon

Occupation: Teacher


• The quilt that my mother bought at a discount, when I was a little

• A box with old photos and favorite trivia

• Favorite love letter

• Old handkerchiefs

• Postcard from a friend Kathy from school

• pincushion from her mother

• Photo deceased aunt Helen framed

• Bag of beads from her great-grandmother

• Kermit the Frog

• Leather Wallet grandmother

• Shell Pope, which he brought back from a long trip

• Ring from parents, a gift for graduation

7. Name: Margo Number

Age: 18 years

Location: Rennes, France

Occupation: Student


• Violin

• MacBook

• iPhone

• Photos of friends

• Photos that I made in Albania (left)

• Photos taken by my father when he was younger (right)

• Black notebook

• Guitar

• Polaroid

• Cat

• Two rings

8. Name: Vincent Rock

Age: 34 year

Location: Montpellier, France

Occupation: photographer, videographer


• The camera Canon Eos 7D + 10-22 mm

• Camera Canon Powershot G10

• Portable Hard Drive with works

• Notebook (I'm nobody without him)

• Waterproof mobile generator +

• Flashlight head + generator

• Multi-purpose tool + mikrolampa

• My favorite knife

• Shoes

• The key to the car

• Handle

• Book

9. Name: Nathan Gustave Johnson / Gretchen Hale Hayntselman

Age: 31/28

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Occupation: teacher / nurse


• Oil paintings farm grandfather Nathan made his pratetkoy and presented to Nathan and Gretchen for a wedding

• Rifle Ruger Red Label and Benelli Nova, which Nathan uses to hunt duck, grouse, goose and pheasant

• A pair of ducks traps that Nathan made himself

• Shoes that Gretchen's parents bought her in Wyoming on the way to college in Alberta, Canada

• Gretchen favorite silk scarf that her mother bought

• Passports

• Bracelets

• Dogs - boxer and American bulldog Kedzia Otto

10. Name: Tiffany Dyer

Age: 22 year

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Occupation: student of photos


• A box with memorabilia

• Dog (instead collar pictured)

• 6 notebooks

• Notebook

• External hard drive

• Bible

• Telephone

• The camera Canon AE-1 + 3 lens

• Rosie Rabbit childhood

11. Name: Claudia Osiek

Age: 34 year

Location: Goya, Brazil

Occupation: Photographer


• My children Duda and Rafa

• Their friends Charlie and Laura

• The handset

• Flashlight

• The camera

12. Name: Loria Crews

Age: 32 year

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Occupation: Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts


• The camera

• Iphone

• Favorite pots

• Album with wedding photos

• External hard drive

• Memories of a son - a ball

• Blanket son - without him I would not leave the house

• Blanket daughter

13. Name: Rachel

Age: 28

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Occupation: Senior Manager


• Green Box: there is correspondence between me and my best friend in 1994, as well as letters and postcards the last 20 years

• Collar (my dog ​​that I had from 7 to 22 years old)

• Envelopes: they have my birth certificate, papers on the adoptive parents and the documents on the citizenship

• Children's Album: the essential items and pictures. I gave them to my mother last year

• My baby blanket.

• Passport, which also has a mark on the travel abroad which can not be recovered

• Hard disk: with photos, videos, documents

• Telephone

• Keys

• Wallet

• Points

14. Name: TA

Age: 31 year

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil


• Shotgun

• Ammunition

• Foreign currency

• Watch my father

• Talon the bank

• Car keys

• Birth certificate

• Hard disk

15. Name: Luc Le Goff

Age: 40 years

Location: Paris

Occupation: fashion designer dreams


• Own Butt

• My favorite man

• My photos

• My Pictures

• My Computer

16. Name: Dzhanayna Cecina

Age: 21 year

Location: Santa Maria, Brazil

Occupation: student of advertising


• Backpack

• Favorite CD "The Beatles»

• Flashlight and m & m's

• Notepad and notebook

• The camera

• Nintendo DS

• Tablets

• Ipod + headphones AKG

• Charlie Brown Teddy

• Handles

• My favorite comic Craig Thompson

17. Name: Olivier Venhuk

Age: 29 years

Location: Nantes, France

Occupation: Engineer


• Something to check out "The Little Prince»

• Something to listen: discs Muse, Manu

• Something to travel: headset, card, magazine safety and passport

• Something to photograph: Nikon D7000 with lenses

• Something to keep in touch: phone

18. Name: Ales Moravec

Age: 20 years

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Occupation: Student of the Faculty of Architecture and Design


• A baseball glove and ball

• Sunglasses

• My favorite T-shirt New Zealand

• Badge

• Handle grandmother 1902

• Album for drawing with crayons

• Knife

• Passport

• i-Pad with headphones

• The camera Canon EOS 500D with 17-50 mm lens

• Lenses 70-300mm

• The book of signs from my teacher from New Zealand

19. Name: Daniel Smelanski

Age: 14 years

Location: Boston

Occupation: high school student


• Favorite book ("Mouse", "The Little Prince", "Animal Farm»)

• The camera is Nikon N75

• 2 film

• External hard drive

• iPod

• Phone

• Points

• notebook

• sketch pad

• markers

• working draft

• three cats (only 1 in the photo)

• Nikon D50 (not pictured)

20. Name: Abby

Age: 24 years

Location: Brooklyn

Occupation: writer


• Keys to the apartment, office, at home moms

• iPod

• Phone

• a laptop (with photos, music, work)

• medicines

• money and card

What is not in the photo:

• loved the guy who most likely already be on the street

• bracelet sister (I never rented)

• Tattoo Massachusetts (so to me)


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