Heroes in each of us

Every day in Russia perform feats of ordinary citizens, but unfortunately few people know about them. I offer you a selection of heroic deeds of inhabitants of our country, which occurred in February this year. Students from the Krasnodar Territory and Roman Vitkov Mikhail Serdyuk rescued an elderly woman from a burning house. Going home, they saw the burning building. He ran into the courtyard, the students saw the veranda almost completely on fire. Roman and Michael rushed to the shed for tools. Grabbing a sledgehammer and an ax, knocking out the window, Roman climbed into the window opening. Elderly woman asleep in a smoky room. Remove victim was only after breaking the door.

"Roma complexion less than me, so he easily got into the window opening, but back on his hands with his grandmother he was the same way could not get out. So we had to break down the door, and the only way the victim was able to endure ", - said Mikhail Serdyuk.

Villagers Altynay Sverdlovsk region Yelena Martynova, Sergey Inozemtsev, Galina Sholokhov rescued children on fire. Arson committed owner of the house, locking the door at the same time. At that time the building was three children 2-4 years old and 12-year-old Yelena Martynova. Seeing the fire, Lena unlocked the door and began to bear children out of the house. To help her come Galina Sholokhov and a cousin of the children Sergey Inozemtsev. All three characters have received letters from the local Ministry of Emergency Situations.

A priest in the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Peregoudov saved the life of the groom at a wedding. During the wedding, the bride fainted. The only one who did not lose in this situation turned out to be a priest Alexei Peregoudov. He quickly looked at lying, suspected cardiac arrest and was given first aid, including chest compressions. As a result, the sacrament has been successfully completed. Father Alex noted that chest compressions only saw in the movies.

In Mordovia distinguished veteran of the Chechen war Marat Zinatullin, rescued an elderly man from a burning apartment. Witnessed the fire, Marat worked as a professional firefighter. He climbed over the fence at a small barn and from there climbed to the balcony. He broke the glass, opened the door leading to the balcony of the room, and went inside. On the floor was a 70-year-old owner of the apartment. Were poisoned by smoke pensioner could not leave the apartment on their own. Marat, opening the door from the inside, made a master of the house to the entrance.

Employee Kostroma Roman colony Sorvachev saved the lives of their neighbors on fire. Going into his house, he immediately figured apartment, from which comes the smell of smoke. The door opened a drunken man, to assure that everything is in order. However, Roman called emergency workers. Arriving at the scene of the fire, rescuers were unable to penetrate into the room through the door, and get into the apartment through a narrow window frame did not allow uniform emergency workers. Then the Roman climbed the fire stairs, entered the apartment and pulled out of the strong smoke apartments elderly woman and a man unconscious.

A villager Yurmash (Bashkortostan) Rafit Shamsutdinov rescued two children on fire. Odnoselchanka Graphite lit the stove and left two children - a girl and a three-year polutoragodovalogo son excused myself with older children to school. Smoke from a burning house noticed Rafit Shamsutdinov. Despite the abundance of smoke, he managed to get into the burning room and bring the children.

Dagestani Arsene Fittsulaev prevent a catastrophe at a gas station in Kaspiysk. Later Arsene realized that actually risked his life.
On one of the gas stations within the boundaries of Kaspiysk sudden explosion. As it turned out, passing at high speed crashed into a foreign car tank with gas and hit by a valve. Minute delay, and the fire spread to the nearby to the fuel tanks with fuel. In this scenario, victims would not be avoided. However, the situation has changed radically humble worker refueling, skilful actions to prevent a disaster and reduce its scope to a burnt-out cars and damaged several cars.

And in the village of Ilinka Tula Region-1 students Andrew Ibronov Nikita Sabitov, Andrew Nowruz, Vladislav Voronin and Artem Kozyrev pensioner pulled out of the well. 78-year-old Valentin Nikitin fell into a well and get out on their own could not. The cries for help heard Andrew and Nikita Ibronov Sabitov and immediately rushed to rescue an elderly woman. However, the rescue had to call three more children - Andrew Nowruz, Vladislav Voronin and Artem Kozyrev. However, the guys managed to pull an elderly pensioner from the well.
"I tried to get out, a shallow well - I even got out his hand to the other. But it was so slippery and cold that I could not grasp the hoop. And when I raised hands, ice water was poured into the sleeve. I was screaming, calling for help, but is well away from houses and roads, so no one heard me. How long it lasted, I do not know ... Soon I was sleepy, I'm the last effort looked up and suddenly saw two boys looked into the pit! "- Said the victim.

In the village of Romanovo Kaliningrad region scored twelve student Andrew Tokarski. He saved his cousin, fell through the ice. The incident occurred on the lake Pugachev, where boys with Aunt Andrew came to drive on cleared ice.

Police from the Pskov region Vadim Barkanov rescued two men on fire. Walking with his friend, Vadim saw smoke and flames of fire are pulled out from the window of an apartment in a residential building. I ran out of the building and the woman began to scream for help, as the two men left the apartment. Call the fire department, Vadim and his friend rushed to their aid. As a result, they were able to learn from the burning building two men unconscious. Victims by ambulance to a hospital, where they had the necessary medical care.

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