Old photos

Recently I returned from holiday - went to his parents in the village and found my mother on a computer scanned old photos. I thought, "Let 'em here" and decided to share. Photo old from 1898 to about 1960. Photos made near Uryupinsk, Murmansk, Donetsk. Where I know - I will comment.
Number of photos did not think, but please do not break. Notify when finished.
For the record: my mother born in 1949 (This is what we could ever understand about what the year to take pictures).

Photo 1. 1898. In a hamlet under Uryupinsky (sorry, I can not remember the name). My great-law (great?) Grandfather and great-law (great?) Grandmother. There were Cossacks.

2. 1900. Place too. Many-times-great-grandfather and many-times-great-grandmother. Cossacks too, of course.

3. 1900. Under Uryupinsky. Relatives. Cossacks.

3. This is not such an ancient photo. Uryupinsk. One of them - my grandmother.

4. Urjupinsk. My grandfather (Cossack), grandmother and mother.

5. Urjupinsk. My mom (shallow), grandmother, great grandmother, great-grandmother and possibly prapraprababushka (or great-grandmother's sister)

6. My mother and grandmother

7. 1950. Grandfather and comrade (possibly his brother)

8. Santa

9. Santa tanker war was

10. Grandfather and his comrades (even those hipsters)

11. Mama (fine), grandmother, great grandmother, great-grandmother

12. Mama (fine), grandmother, great grandmother, great-grandmother and relatives (farm Nikolevka ?, Uryupinsk district)

13. Mama

14. My mother and grandmother

15. Santa Murmansk, after the war he served in the Navy

16. Grandfather other

17. Santa Murmansk

18. My uncle somewhere in Kazakhstan

19. Grandma

20. Grandma (Murmansk)

21. In such houses under the thatched roof of my ancestors lived (under Uryupinsky)

22. My grandfather, my grandmother and my aunt (Murmansk)

23. Also Murmansk

24. Wedding at Farm for Uryupinsky

25. The same wedding

26. My grandmother and her friends (Murmansk)

27. Grandfather (hipster) Murmansk

28. Mama Murmansk

29. Donetsk (the smallest - aunt, my mother's sister)

30. Aunt Donetsk

31. Banda Donetsk (somewhere among them my aunt)

32. My mother went to the first class (Murmansk)

33. Santa Murmansk

33. Murmansk

34. Fishing in Murmansk

35. Farm for Uryupinsky

36. Santa Murmansk

I am everything. Thank you for your attention. Forgive me if it was boring. I try to choose the most colorful pictures that convey the spirit of the time. Thanks again.


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