Otfotoshopte me please (70 photos)

Continuing the theme: Otfotoshopte me please)) See what people are asking for and what they are doing

Please modify photos to brighter was, in general, that was fun, and if you can change the background)))))) !!! Simpo give everyone))) thanks in advance !!!

as smog - brushed background, he was a very difficult

do something with fotoy. for simplex

"Hello everyone. People can picture obrabotat.Sdelayte eyelashes longer and more often)) And obrabatyte picture to your taste, so it was fun))) And his eyes turned more eye-catching) Thank you, will be a nice yo. »

I did exactly what we asked for. Simpa wait!

Please make a nice frame to attach the angel wings ... ... preferably with animation ... For Symp ...

"Guys, help me mnu! Urgent nada otfotoshopit card with chum !!! Set as background pomuzhestvennee and add the words "How to muster!" Well, if possible, add muscle where:

Huge respect advance !!! »

He added muscle.

He makes a second, and then be offended.

Treat plz picture:

1) what the thread EFFECTS even Nena what I rely on your imagination

2) sign "simpotichnyh bitch crashed longer little girls' hearts is waiting when he spank Mashulya" and somewhere at the bottom to stand out as a thread «I hate everything about you ...» and where the thread down quietly «But I still love you ...»

RON NADA pleads done! I give it two SIMPASHKI for the good work!

You can add patterns in the form of sheep

Make a son at background ... a big beautiful car ... thank you.

Would you like a thread to bridge these two pictures

Pliz change the background on this fotke.Fony I lay in komenty.I I do pliz hair blonde color only posvetlee.Ya in a golden dress.

change the background


You can do both ... extend contact photos, or whatever it's called ...

Remove the circles

You can still something to your taste!

Thank you for earlier ...


You can create one of these two pictures - combine into one. Set as pochishe faces, and backgrounds - something in the power of Valentine's Day.

So ... All in all the pictures I like the composition ... plz Work with the background skin, remove the rope and hair More ... The most important tweak their hair ... and plz Vykraste in black color photo of a very old ... more ... plz remove the red and glaz.Nu background ... Make something plz industrial ... challenging job but I hope the right ... Any try to fulfill your desires

Help please do realties this fotochki!

"I have not balshaya requezt zdelat pazhalusta Seto photos Designer Builder! Simpo abishyayu! »

please do a background thread can be a beautiful well chtonit more to your taste)) Thanks in advance and repay simplex)))

Please help improve the photo, it Pts important to me in this photo is very necessary to make the waist that figure was proportional, so the waist should already be other proposals to improve the photos are also accepted: Thank you in advance, I have had a nice yo

do urgently pozyaluysta)

Make a photo of something in its sole discretion, but to get in style))) give vent to their fantasies)))


At your discretion

Guys, I want to congratulate her boyfriend Happy Valentine!

And it is possible to remove the glass and rear carpet to finish?

Can I have the background of the pictures of some romantic, mysterious ...

Come up with a thread

"Hi) Make a darker picture please, but leave to flower)) And please remove the tomcat with the background! XDDDD ... better black background and white skin!)) Zaraneee Thank you all!»

I need to make beautiful pictures, but not the small picture.

On the face girl avatar, which is white. Right face clean.

Beautiful frame

Animation and signature nickname desirable.

something had to remove ...

I did not catch that removed ... removed breast


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