Full-time duty at the emergency room.

Hello. Irina, 46 years old, has 12 years of emergency doctors in the city of Angarsk. For days we are not allowed to work. Our schedule: day, night, otsypnoy output. Not very convenient schedule, but the boss knows best. I offer you my photo report of 27 August 2011, 12:00 which have been at work. Gallery was much more than a hundred, but had uzhatsya. Filmed on mobile, as a victim, I do not, I'll be on call to click the camera. Under the cut 98 photos.

I woke up at 7.00. The kitchen includes local TV station to find out the temperature outside: 14, time is 7.06:

Looks out the window, there is no wind, it does not seem especially cold. Under the window is surrounded by a garden fence, the ground-prihvatizirovat Dzyadok neighbor from the second floor. I do not bother: the garden is better than a dog Kaki under windows:

I take a shower. I dry the hair dryer:

Breakfast not always. And today you do not want. Sometimes in the morning I can square meal (burgers, borscht). I do not drink coffee at all. I open the refrigerator to take food to work. On the access door of the family pictures, printed on magnetic paper, hanging four years, is already fading. Above the photo mushrooms, dried mushrooms, hanging from last summer:


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