Spas dogs - can reprimand slapped!

Paramedic "first aid", which is the working time saved drowning in the lake dogs, forced to write an explanatory note.

A delightful example of human generosity and selflessness demonstrated Baranavichy paramedic "first aid", Alexander acorn. To save the family dog ​​drowning, he threw himself into the icy water of Lake Svetilovskogo (Belarus).

The incident occurred on December 3 about 11 o'clock in the morning. A resident of the city of Marina Stanczyk Svetilovskogo walked past the lake, when she witnessed a heartbreaking sight. Two adult dogs five meters from the shore fell through the ice, and tried in vain to get out of the hole in the ice: the thin edge of the ice to break and crumble under their feet. Around the adult dogs on the ice of methane and whined piteously two small puppies that ice is kept.

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"Good to look at it was impossible!" - Told «IP» Marina Stanczyk.

She did not know what to do. Nearby, in the street Meadow, Marina noticed a car "fast" and in desperation ran to the doctors. Those advised to call the Emergency Situations Ministry. Rescuers should be noted, readily responded to the request to help drowning animals! However, their help was not needed. Paramedic Zheludev Alexander threw himself into the water and helped dogs to shore.

"This act just struck me on the spot. The man took off his shoes and went, breaking the ice in the ice water! - Shared her impressions Marina Stanczyk. - I was really impressed! Hopefully, this humane act of leadership "emergency" will appreciate ».

Marina contact our editors with a request to find an unknown medical and thank him that we are not without effort, and did.

However, the hero is nothing supernatural in his conduct did not see and did not even tell him about his wife and son.

"I think many people in my position would have done the same, seeing how goes the hope in the eyes of others.

When we got to the shore, I realized that I no longer own a dog choose. One already exhausted folded her paws on the ice and is about to go under it could. Hesitate and wait for someone else's aid was just once ... "- he said« IP »Alexander Zheludev.

Once out on the shore, the dog whether from fright, or from hypothermia immediately sped away. In short, do not even thanked his rescuer. However, despite such bad manners on the part of quadrupeds, Alexander did not rule out the possibility to pick up the whole family to his home, if it allows its living space.

"I live with my family in the" Khrushchev ". Nowhere to turn. In addition, we have been living a true friend - dog Karat. Mongolian steppe wolf, as I call it ... Once wife and son were brought to me from the country as a gift. Parents of a child I never have banned animal.

I grew up on the stories of Jack London ... So I know that these people have made the beast of the dog and when we turn them back into the animals, when thrown into the street ", - expressed his opinion Alexander Zheludev.

The icy water Zheludev Alexander spent about five minutes. But despite the fact that he loves the heat and "winter swimming" never worked, I did not have time to be ill. Even the common cold is not caught.

"Upon learning about this whole story, my friends and colleagues almost unanimously expressed to me his" respect and uvazhuha ", - said Alexander Zheludev.

- Of course, someone will read this and think, "That jerk! What he reached !? Let them be drowned! ". And for me there is no significant difference in saving someone - human or dog. And those and others - living creatures ».


After writing this article, the editors Intex-press called Alexander Zheludeva colleague and said that the management of "fast" Alexander asked to write an explanation about the incident.

"Thus, we have cultivated indifference to the fate of a stranger," - he suggested the employee "fast", who requested anonymity.

Sam Alexander Acorn this occasion are positive: "Yes, I wrote an explanatory note at the request of management. But it should be, because it was an emergency situation. I do not know how this will end, but what did I do not regret the next time would have acted in the same way ».




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