The easy way to instantly relieve tension in the back at the sedentary work

The site is divided into a trick that allows you to instantly alleviate the plight of your back, if you're like most of our editorial staff, we forced many hours a day to spend at the table in front of a man kompyutera.Kazhdomu whose professional activity is connected with work on the computer, this problem is familiar: a sense of tension in the muscles, stiffness of long immobility, combined with the inability to change position. By the end of the day the pain in my back and neck becomes almost unbearable!

To at least twice to reduce the load on your back and get rid of nagging neck and shoulders should do one simple thing - namely, lower the seat of the chair.

When you sit, sveshivaya legs with excessive Zadran seat, your body is tilted forward and the center of gravity is shifting. You like to "fall" into the monitor, supporting himself with his elbows placed upon the table. Of course, this leads to unnecessary tension in the back muscles that support your balance at that time.

Lowering the seat of a chair or office chair below so that your feet can stand on the floor and your knees are level or even slightly above the seat, once you choose to a few problems:

There is no need to tilt the monitor - it is right in front of your face. Tension in the neck disappears, hunched back is straightened. You can elbows to hang below the edge of the table (slide close the keyboard and mouse). Stiffness in the right (or left if you are left-handed) is gradually taking place with a pleasant tingling relaxes muscles. By the way, that's right - your elbows in the air, brush "float" above the keyboard - print professional Typewriting: Hands in a position of maximum mobility. The entire posture became freer. Sit back, feel it is a pleasure. Feet ceased to flow, the blood circulates freely in the legs. While you were in a position to "fall into the monitor," your body is rested on the hips, not the pelvis, as expected. As a result, the vessels were clamped edge of the seat. Lowering his low, you can put your feet on the floor, pull your convenient or comfortable to pull under the table. within 10-15 minutes of work, you will feel more comfortable as you sit. For more fun recommend purchasing a small pillow under your lower back.

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